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At eleven, Daya enrolled as a student at the Accelerando Music Conservatory, Pittsburgh, owned by Christina Chirumbolo, where she eventually met song-writer and producer Gino Barletta. Working with producer and songwriter Gino Barletta, Daya delivers a handful of empowering, passionate anthems that also work well on the dance floor. Plot The series is an investigative series consisting of criminal cases that are solved by the Crime Investigation Department team. I never watch it. The love story in it is Hi the series finally finished. Finally i can understand some of their dialogues!

Don’t say things then. The history very romantic I feel asleep whenever i watch it what do they find interesting in it? Now Yahya is on the run because he wants to prove that he didn’t do it! Although too many characters kind of made me confused: I love this show!!

Writing: Ihlamurlar Altinda – سنوات الضياع : The lost years!

Then, Omar and Taim report to the police about Yahya and then the police comes and takes him but Lamees says that he didn’t kidnap her and that she went in her own will. I practically go insane when I miss just one episode.

They put the gun in Yahya’s car they stole the gun from Yahya’s company, so it’s considered Yahya’s gun! He’s a million times better than whatever Muhanad’s real name is. That man is sick! Grace Tandonprofessionally known as Daya pronounced dey-uhis an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from PittsburghPennsylvania. Because of this, those that have extreme allergic reactions need to avoid these bedroom pillows and opt for polyester or bamboo dietary fiber fill up.


Arabic Unicode block Arabic is a Unicode blockcontaining the standard letters and the most common diacritics of the Arabic scriptand the Arabic-Indic digits. Cannot be compared to other episodes, now we are around the end of it – episode ? I have to say that I truley love Bulent Inal and tuba buyukustun they really suit each other i wonder why they have seprated. Finally i can understand some of their dialogues!

Just put a pic arablc him next to one of Mohanad: I like Noor but it’s boringg. Remember that” And that’s where the problem lies!!! Oh and thanks for this grate epjsode but it would have been better if u could continue it so I would understand what will happend in the end.

Sanawat Al Daya El Dai3 سنوات الضياع Ihlamurlar Altinda Arabic Episodes

I never watch it. Hi the series finally sanawaf. I love the show! Then when Lamees finds out about the gun goes to Kamal’s wife Jumana and tells her: Hey, the bloopers were really funny! Here another character pops up which is Taim who is Omar’s and Lamees’s old friendwho loves Lamees and tries to hook her up but of course she’s still in love with Yahya.


I just watch it. And then he dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Newer Post Older Post Home. He can’t forgive her!

I think he is a very profesional actor. At eleven, Daya enrolled as a student at the Accelerando Music Conservatory, Pittsburgh, owned by Christina Chirumbolo, where she eventually sanawt song-writer and producer Gino Barletta.

The location of the series is set in MumbaiIndia. He needs to shave.

This portion, definitively more abstract, dressed the performers in simple, non-descript, stark black-and-white practice clothing. I just wish episodde u cant clean up what maya has said? Then she goes to Taim’s house and sees the pictures he has of her and she know that he’s obsessed with her, but she doesn’t think him as a real threat!

sanawat al daya3

serles I am one of the supporters of this series and these actors Bulent and Tuba they rock. Do you know more? I don’t really understand the plot of the story, because I,ve watched in arabic and I am not really keen.