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By now, she must be dancingin front of Rupal. Listen, no director is going to come. Though the news is very good, no one seems to be happy. No, you did say something. Saloni is shocked to hear Madhu say that Sawri has been sent to an orphanage! I mean, I felt like holding him by his collarand asking him why he did this.

The client told you that. When we reached downstairs, Chotelal sneezed too. Dheer and Yug somehow manage to break the lock and go to the terrace. I will get you water. Nahar is shocked and informs Brijesh. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Close your eyesand think deeply. I need to cook for Bhupi. Because of the bar, my family is ruined. Fpisode, Goldie, Parimal, how are you?

Where did he go? When did I say that? Is it not working again?

You want to run away now. Soon, Saloni is brought in and the doctors immediately start examining her. 3033 sent the girl to my house. Bhabho then gives her Shweta’s prescription. Please login to access the content. Everyone just needs money. I came from Mira Road to meet your director. What are you saying?

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And what did God give me? Why do humans do this? Whose sandal is this? Tara takes Brijesh for his treatment while Vaidehi goes to drop the children to school. I mean, is he innocent? How will I face people in the society? No, you did say something. Go back to Mira Road. Shweta cries and begs that Sawri returns.


No director ever comes. Inform everyone that my last riteswill be conducted tomorrow. Nahar is shocked and informs Brijesh. At the moment you can’t tag a person in a photo. We can do it. I will get you water. When you look at me, do you feel. Later, the doctor treating Urvashi informs everyone that Urvashi has given birth to a baby boy.

When I listen to something like thisI become furious. I will ring the bell. And he took me. Tags saat phero ki hera pherie saat phero ki hera pheri saat phero ki hera pherii new show sab sabtv sab television comedy comedy show hindi serial marriage wedding pati patni hubby year year neighbours Tandon family Desai family mumbai bhupi tandon travel agent Neetu Tandon housewife Shekhar Suman bollywood comedian stand up comedy gujarati Ami Trivedi hindi comedy serials new comedy serial comedy scenes shekhar suman comedy show housemaid.

I am not Thandon but Tandon! Neetu, tell me why you changed the plan of going out.


Saat Phere

I will beat you! Where is your bedroom? I was washing the vegetables. Stay away from me.

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Do you get it? Parimal, I have faith that you would never go toa disgusting place like a bar. Are you cleaning them or trying to get rid of them? That bar girl Bindiya has come to our society. Click here to login. Bindiya, what are you doing here? I will trash you! pphere

How did you disappear then? It seems your hand is paining.

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You two were with me. When it was time to support me, all of you got togetherand made a plan! Just wait and watch what I do now. Bhupi made wpisode excuseand went to a bar. Meanwhile, Saloni and others are shocked to find the door locked. Come inHide in the bathroom.