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Both of them can share the throne of and be Finder King and Queen. You gotta admit the games were kind of easy, esp the hoola hoop, if KS didn’t interfere it’d end up being cut fore sure. It’s great to see him paired with a female guest without the usual forced lovelines. At times Kwang-soo did do very well in this episode but I’m at the point where Kwang-soo is such a dirty player that I never root for him to win anymore. The games do need to be spiced up and cheatery does make it more entertaining. Rei August 10, at 6: Episode 12 by LollyPip.

I love how excited he was for his win! But about the three people finding the whistles, I would think except for Haha, the other two were just in the right place in the right time. Something fishy is definitely going on here…. It helped that Jae Suk arrived very fast within seconds and the situation ended fast before it escalated. Seung-gi praises his team leader, saying that Kwang-soo pulled through at the last second, but Jae-suk runs with it to mean that this is his last appearance on the show, and offers up mock sympathy. It’s the final mission and it should have more prominence than the previous missions. This flying horse isn’t enough for me and the fact that they also used it in Seung Gi’s previous appearance makes it more meh. He misses the boat half the times.

Would it be too PG to suggest that Song Ji Hyo biting Jong Kook on the bun, probably fulfilled a fantasy of a goodly number of his female fans? And the cameras keep rolling?

Ji Hyo is not mwn delicate flower who might bruise all over her body and faint dead away because Kwang Soo grabbed her around the waist. What “throwing an elbow” would have said about the situation was that the cameras were on and Song Ji Hyo was playing rough just like the boys were.

Haha screams from the sideline: I watched it raw too and was 17 bored and yawned twice.

I’ve been waiting for her to come on proper since she proves to be so athletic in other variety shows. I seriously wanted to put my hands into the TV and push him away. After all, he is the strongest and the cast will never vote the guests out because of courtesy. Some didn’t seem well though out, while others were absolutely hilarious or at least the reactions to them were. He’s still a rookie so he’s made to fit a role, to be the butt of everybody’s jokes, the ‘loser’.


Every RM member has their role and they live up to it, KS’ role just happens to be like that. Active, funny, and comfortable with all the cast.

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I really love this episode,it has the ingredients of a good episode: At the water game, Gong Yoo and Jong Kook fight against each other. If you want to talk about annoying, these things are wven more annoying than LKS overreacting. I’m going to go sit down for a little bit and prepare myself to watch the episode.

I especially feel sorry for Jong-kook in regards to Kwang-soo’s actions. I also find Suk-jin’s eliminations amusing and he does put in effort to win esp over the past year so it would be nice to see that rewarded. Only thumb up option! I like how they change it up to make things more interesting. But Haha finding the whistle was awesome! He and his teammates enjoy their buns and taunt the others with them.

Unfortunately for them, they get caught when Hee-soon asks out loud if he got a private message and then shows to it to Jong-kook. Sometimes I don’t understand what are they whining about.

I have no problem With monday couple being set up Again coz they were entertaining. I liked the episode too; there were some funny “little” moments. But the important thing is that Hee-soon keeps trying, and he eventually gets it spinning long enough to start the timer.

Quiet Thought Jan 15, at 7: I guess, well, what other way can you fake another MC pairing up opportunity right? Ji-Hyo is a trooper.

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He was too much that even seung gu realized that there is no point fighting with him and its just better to let him have his way. I Suk Jin was eliminted and Jihyo without showing thier eliminations I love when he appears on the occasional variety show; always brings a smile to my face. But well, this is an episode where the subtitles really help.


Can someone tell me the Gong yoo’s Background music in the episode ? She was so hyper without being annoying, and so much fun.

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The PDs ask him to do all of that. There was a lot of butt to face action going on which had me cracking and cringing. Amazing how Gary got 5 votes out of nowhere. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

They had 17 numbering of whom to eliminate, but the rules allowed them to jump numbers depending on whom they eliminate. D Only have one gripe: Cmon, why create a game to supposedly allow the cast and guests to pick rooms when we knew the teams were already pre-determined? The Blue Team chooses a kind of chewy candy, and you can see Hee-soon getting increasingly annoyed but in silence! And sometimes the “variety fng god” moments are purposely set up to look like such, eg the time he smacked himself with an egg twice.

All just to say what we see on a tv show is just for fun, fictional, it’s not real, so no need to judge someone over it. Of course the water game also started the “Park Hee Fpisode who cannot do anything right”.

I did like the trap door drop they must have been watching “The Ellen Show” for that idea! An ex is how he helps Jihyo several times or feeds her, or epieode in an ep where Jaesuk looks very tired and he held on KS’ arm when they walked away. Seung Gi, please guest on RM again! The sun is shining so bright it hurts my eyes.

He can be funny and natural without trying too hard to seek attention. But why don’t people complain when others do it? Hope to see more of such pairings.