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A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jong-kook has a certain reputation to uphold as Spartakooks as Suk-jin half-teases: But that was just the preview. This episode was thrilling as much as it was funny. I love the first three challenges, the cast knows something is not right and their uneasiness is hilarious. Super powers games are always hilarious — this episode is no exception. The answer will surprise you. Big Bang returns for a challenge that has them pitted against the Running Man members minus Kim Jong Kook, who is on their team to see who can bet back to the past first.

Jong-seok then joins the group to balance out the teams, and Kwang-ja is quick to claim him as her boyfriend: Is there a Math Be Gone formula somewhere? Who took the rock out of the time capsule? A good episode but the premise has been played time and time again so I cannot give it more than 2 stars. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The trick is a roaring success on Ji Sung. I had the impression he sleeps fully naked:

The chef teams gather and cook up their dishes with a mind for what the judges think. My motive in providing the links is to give fellow fans an organized and easily accessible way to watch Running Man.

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Their end game choice is both hilarious and sigh inducing for shippers. This episode was another example of what can go wrong and what can go extremely right regarding the teamwork of the cast of Running Man. The mudflat is runniing promising, as is the bell hunting. What happens when you gather together the least popular or known members of idol groups for a golden bar race?


Hilarity ensues as the members try to force down as much watermelon as possible in a hurry, with Jong Kook forcing Kwangsoo to eat practically the entire melon in one go.

I laughed so hard at Jong Sook picking out the black leggings in that tone of voice. Any human being, male or female, would have been terribly terrified in her situation.

He was offered a posting bid to work with the LA Dodgers. I actually enjoy Giraffe in the show. Not that the silence helps any as it bounces two feet away from him.

Naturally, this put the fear of god in the competing teams, hell, even Jong Kook looked scared shitless. Ji Hyo is a reluctant Snow White as the cast plus guest chase after the secret to awake the poisoned princess. Heartfelt and like a Christmas present for Monday Couple fans everywhere.

Call me crazy and I’m the vramabeans but I don’t find Lee Jong-suk attractive and especially with that hair. Maybe the Production Team was planning to make Ji Hyo as the couple girl because she hasn’t got the role of secret couple since ep 1, only the boys got it and coupled with the female guest.

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SpartAce races around the last corner, mere seconds to victory… but Suk-jin falters as Ji-hyo presses the button before the change off.

Body framabeans were also epsode in this episode, which can be good or bad for RM depending on the execution. And hardcore at mann and seek too! This episode for me was pretty great just because Ji Hyo seemed more alive than she has been in awhile, probably cos filming for Jackal is over? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

I loved the jokes, the guests, and the games. I pretty much squealed every time they had to sneak in those couple poses. Every time they succeed, a fake hint will be given to the cast members to throw the scent off their trail. Another look at how well versed the cast has become in games like this epislde which can be a bad thing.


How come your “flubs” always happened when your job was to take Ji Hyo out? Yoo Jae Suk MCs a championship that pits idol label against idol label. This must be the jump that viewers said was edited.

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Like it was just cut to black without really concluding anything. He is one of the best guests ever becoz he is crazy! Then Jong-seok swoops in to choose Ji-hyo, who readily agrees and snaps at Gary for calling her his insurance. The cast is forced to watch clips from their early years in the entertainment industry. You can always count on his appearances to provide good laughs. Throw in a cowardly Ha-Ha and a one chance mission from hell and you have RM gold.

The diving portions are not to be missed. Hilarity ensues as the RM see their ballot boxes and reflect on the voter confidence.

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Everyone climbs back into their cars and the more hints they acquire, the more puzzled they get. Bo-young offers Jong-kook a sausage.

Watched this with my homies though and we were all dying the entire time. The Cranberries “Ode to my family”.