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Bjergsen held his team together on multiple occasions, teleporting in later that game just in time to save Doublelift again, helping his AD Carry finish with a deathless record. Overall, he was un-impactful, lacking the burst damage Vitality needed to turn teamfights. Game 1, Jensen started off strong, playing to his usual high standard. As Bless gained early control of the map, Blank found no openings to counter him. He used Inner Flame to poke down members of Splyce, but fell victim to a late game teamfight loss as Vitality were swept. It was Game 2 and Game 3 where Fabbbyyy switched on to the long range Jhin that everything clicked together. Reignover and Immortals’ did great at controlling the neutral objectives as well and didn’t give up any Dragon or Baron buffs to Apex Gaming in the series. Vitality got out to a lead in Game 1, but lost control in the mid game.

In the process, he secured tons of objectives, making Bengi look like a rookie. As his team fell behind, Faker tried desperately to bring them back, picking up all his team’s kills but one. His positioning was also impeccable, managing to stay entirely out of reach of both Exileh’s LeBlanc and Unicorn’s tanky frontline of Rek’Sai and Trundle. The early roam from lane allowed GBM to farm his way to a gold lead that Froggen didn’t come back from. He was solo killed in a close 1-vs-1 against Cabochard to give away first blood. He wasn’t able to carry Origen to a win in Game 2, but his good positioning in this series as a whole was a huge step forward in his progression as an AD Carry.

That set the stage for another champion select and another match, and what a match it was. As his team picked up an early first blood, he was able to secure an runeglwive farm lead, not worried about snowballing his team.

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NRG and Echo Fox were pretty evenly matched in a game came down to a base race. He went off picking up a triple kill in the second teamfight of the game and dealt huge burst damage, leading to a game high nine kills. After that Pirean seemed to grow a little bit desperate, wanting to make a big play that would get them back into the game. Vitality got out to a lead in Game 1, but lost control in the mid game. This led him to diving on Inori when he peeked into their Baron bait and the rest of TSM backed him up so quickly that Inori’s Elise was not even able to Rappel before she died.

His poke damage when Splyce sieged with Baron buff in the late game heavily chunked down Vitality to either get them away from objectives or set up kills for his teammates. He got off to a good start, solo killing Wunder to pick up first blood and using his teleport to flank in the bottom lane to secure another kill. In the sub minute loss, there was simply not enough time for V’s Maokai to get off the ground and become just as useful as RNG’s snowballed Irelia.


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But right now, the European season is truly the story of Fnatic. That allowed Fnatic to stem runeglsive tide until Rekkles himself found him on the receiving end of some poke, opening Giants to push all the way to the Nexus as Runeglaivw had no damage threat left on the team. Bang kept up his performance in Game 3, but it was not enough. He only ended the game with two kills, but his burst damage in teamfights allowed him to pick up a game high 10 assists.

They were slow during the lane swaps, as Immortals were able to pick up an extra turret during the trades. He was able to deal strong burst damage in the mid and late game to pull GIANTS back into the lead as they took the series sweep. In Game 2, though, Unicorns of Love chose to change their Azir ban to a Viktor ban, opening the door for Fox to take the Shuriman emperor. Spirit struggled in Game 1 as Elise.

An aggressive double teleport to the bottom lane appeared to put Phoenix1 in good position to secure a major teamfight victory, but they had not anticipated Bjergsen also teleporting in and saving his AD Carry as well as completely zeroing out Mash with a well placed double bomb. As the game wore on he ezreap his effectiveness.

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In Game 3, Matt helped Fabbbyyy get the early first blood on Sneaky, and then doubled up the lane dominance from there. After securing several Mountain Drakes, the team had an easy time picking up more objectives and using them to close out the game.

Trick used Olaf to help G2 to a Game 1 victory. Lourlo fell behind early, going down in farm and dying to Meteos’ ganking, but it was his global pressure that set his performance apart from the first two games.

League of Learning: Runeglaive Ezreal

Swift was still being massively out farmed, but his contribution to the rest of his team and his gold from kills and assists made up for that. Hopefully week 7 will be able to make more sense of it all but with how this split has gone so far, I highly doubt it. While he was killed a lot, he urneglaive helped H2K in teamfights by landing Aqua Prisons and his Tidal Wave to set up kills, ending with nine assists.

He walked into Liquid’s jungle alone pre-minions spawning and died to Fabbbyyy. After finding yet another early advantage, he was able to translate it into teamfight victories and ezral for his team.

While he had a low kill total, his eight assists in Game 2 were more than his support’s assist total. He didn’t pick up many kills, but his burst damage chunked down Fnatic for his teammates to pick up execute kills. It was a poor series overall for the Fnatic top laner, as he managed just one kill in each game and four assists for the entire series. His binding on Lourlo after he was hit by Sneaky’s arrow gave them the time to secure the kill, and his second binding gave them the time to disengage before the second half of the fight.


Culture Culture Videos Videos Games. In Game 2, Hylissang went back to the Nami, but the same plays just didn’t seem to arrive. God of the Battlefield Quake Pro: He picked up a double kill after Vitality secured Baron, preventing his opponents from utilizing the buff to it’s full potential.

April 18th – The Moment: He was able to help get ROCCAT off to an early game lead and split pushed in the mid game to take the bottom inhibitor. Swift could not catch a break with his Nidalee; he was unable to find hardly any ganks and despite being on the best farming jungler in the game, he somehow still was being counter jungled and out CS’d by mlxg to a massive degree. Once again he played outstandingly, using his ultimate and passive to set up kills.

Despite this, however, we see the same messy play. He also had poor communication with his team, catching two in his ultimate just as Dardoch was going in to knock them up and thereby wasting the CC that could have netted them kills.

Constantly riddled with mistakes, the team has opted to make yet another roster swap in their search for favorable results. The lack of respect coming out of Pirean for the matched teleport ruined the play for them, giving over a 4-for-0 kill advantage when they should have been able to take the fight.

Without gaining an early lead of his own, HappyY did not have the mechanical skills to compete with RNG, and ended up contributing very little to his team, as they were soundly defeated in under 30 minutes. NighT used Viktor in both games and dealt a ton of damage with the mage.

Street Fighter Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone. Febiven was able to pick up seawon kills in Game 2, but it was far too little as Fnatic were dominated. While it was not the strongest performance from Doublelift this split, it was still two more impressive Lucian games to add to his record.

Mikyx’s Karma in Game 2 was far better, with Mikyx’s aggression earning him first blood, when he ganked mid at six minutes and killed a low-health Exileh. He started off strong with a very tricky delayed lane swap, cutting P1 off in the middle of trying to take down bottom tower and setting both Mash and zig behind in CS.