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They will corroborate your story! D Love how quickly the plot is developing. Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. There is yet another thing that I do not understand The Best of the Best Awwww. She should go consult a psychologist, she really has some jealousy issues.

Se-na replies with a smiling threat: Maybe they feel threatened that the nice, tall, and handsome man-complete with baking skill to boot-is going to steal their precious noona away? This is leaving us to assume that Hwa Yong and Bu Yong are half-sisters as well and may be the reason why Hwa Yong wasn’t initially chosen for the application. Growing up as a throwaway kid, her life was probably a lot of getting the short end of the stick, so she’s used to coming out the loser in most confrontations. As though everything she does is purposely designed to piss her off. She looks so pretty but I want to trip her and strangle her. LOL, I noticed that too but I think it’s just the automatic thing turning 8 and into a face 8. Se-na was born first out of wedlock.

How can she enjoy such a thing? I just spent five minutes staring into space reminiscing about all of my favorite scenes with these guys while giggling to myself. Now off to read JB You’re the bomb. A goodvrama email has been sent to your new email address. Two years ago on his trip to meet Tae-yong, Tae-mu used a corporate credit card at a restaurant, covering price meal with two people. Man-bo sees his face, mentally runs it through his brain bank till he finds a match, and confirms his identity.

With her business at risk, Prince Lee Gak and crew rally to keep her from leaving for America. As they leave the house together, he apologizes for her mistreatment when she was just trying to protect him and his identity. I want to know more about the mystery of the murder About this reincarnation whole things, I wonder if the same princess murder will reprise in the modern time, and the prince is called to the modern time to prevent it.


It dies as a caterpillar, then lives as a butterfly??? I’m sad that aside from Yi gak they’re not getting as much screentime. She had surgery for cancer four years ago, thought she was in remission, but has now relapsed. You had to make sure you had higher ground by making them come to you? Thanks for another wonderful recap, javabeans!

Gooddrrama the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. He followed Park Ha like a puppy. I watched 15 minutes of episode one and thought I’d die from the cheese factor. Se-na needs a button that reads: Suri Joe December 21, at 9: Like a basset hound.

Cruelsummer April 13, at 6: Oh, thank goodness for short amnesias. As always you are such a brilliant thinker about such issues. I blame the writer. At his prodding she identifies the photo and he asks excitedly whether she has her memory back.

Rooftop Prince

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. All random complaints aside, I really enjoyed Rooftop Prince.

Se-na was born first out of wedlock. I thoroughly enjoy Park Ha and her fellas I agreed you on that. She could have just taken the persimmons away.

This ep was cute but it’s getting harder to stand Sena. SkySong February 16, at 5: I did some research.

Dramas-Subeng: Stars Falling from the Sky

If someone cuts you off while you’re explaining something important, don’t just look startled! Kim Yoo Suk Rofotop Cast. Park-ha is a younger child from her mother’s short lived marriage in Korea.


The 3 Ducklings and Park-ha and Yi-gak are just awesome. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Even the bedroom scene was nice. It’s like two friends caring for each other.

Time for a hug. I also happy when Lee Gak console Park Ha, hugging her and wiped her tear. As it turned out, once I just sat back and enjoyed the ridiculous ride, I had a grand ole time. Taking out a photograph, she asks him to help find her daughter. And based from next ep preview, ep 8 seems very interesting.

The trio huddles anyway, deciding to ask Becky and Mimi for help. Whether or not she felt close to either of them and let’s face it, dad probably kept looking for Park Ha the rest of his lifeit was her decision as kid that alienated her from her family.

Alsoseems like this episode seems streched, i mean the scenes when them running, and the with three side-kicks about saying bad things about Parh-ha and the school scenes seem very streched. Let’s look at the logic: Discouraged from her failed search, she apologizes for losing it.

Ditto-for YG’s misguided reincarnation belief–love for Sena–can’t really be love! Is the answer to Yi Gak’s riddle a butterfly? Go watch it right now and then come chat about it with me!