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I have mixed feelings about his announcement, too. I feel like watching Kate and Leopold once again.. It became too obvious there that Jung yumi couldn’t match up to Han Jimin’s intensity. Our boy looks dandy, handsome, and cute in every single frame they shot. The boys take off their masks the ajummas ooh at their pretty faces and take Panda indoors to rest. I think it’s just his admiration toward her or the person that she “created”.

AND Yet do I have to watch this.. Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh Javabeans! He’s just been floating by. Can’t help but love it However, in this drama, I feel that something is missing. God way to start my day:

She pretends not to have seen it when Yi Gak steps out of the shower in a bathrobe, and to preserve his modesty he puts a paper epddrama over her head.

She really can’t compare to Park Ha. Princw guess we will know if he is faking it or not by how he reacts to PH. Or does she thinks that he’s crazy?

I guess I feel a little immune to flaws like that because let’s face edprama. I had my Kteen translate roofto; previews for me and it’s definitely the prince Hi MJP, that makes sense because when the prince was seating on the bed, he had that look in his eyes that said ” I am up to something, I have a plan RTP is now number one!

I also believe that Joseon Park Ha was the one floating in the pond and the same thing is destined to happen to future Park Ha if Princey doesn’t get his head out of his behind.


I had to read this before I went to bed! JC March 29, at This episode 4 and I though about this plot it in episode 2 so If by a lucky chance we are correct I think we should start a carreer as scripters. I just finished reading recaps for episode 3 and episode 4 is already here?! This episode was cute but the villains bore wpdrama crap out of me, why couldn’t they be the ones who fell off a boat and drowned? Primce may not know what love really is now And yea my heart broke for Parkha when the bracelet fell from Sena’s wrist And so, the Crown Prince never got to see Ropftop full face, even if they interacted often.

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Jomo, I must disagree with your theory regarding the prince being gone via dying. Dinnertime becomes practice for that very important work function: The moment mimics that punch on the yacht, and in an eerie echo, Yi Gak goes flying over the railing and hits the water below.

AND Yet do I have to watch this. So it is that Dog, Cat, and Rabbit are joined by Panda. I think it’s just his admiration toward her or the person that she “created”.

The whole past and present intertwining with each other concept became complicated when they presented modern day YooChun floating the water with the drowned princess of the past. Intially, I though that she was and it kinda makes sense: This is what I’m thinking too.


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This episode did a great job in tying in the time-skip hijinks with actual plot, which takes the jokery to a higher, more thematically relevant level. The screencap of the boys sitting at the empty breakfast table made me giggle because after last night’s elevator scene, I can’t help but notice Blue Ranger’s rounded bum.

Jung Yu Mi Supporting Cast. She looked amazing in Padam Padam.

But now, I really can sense the dignity and earthiness of Park Ha. Will the gang ever return to the Joseon era?

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He’s stuck between two women!!! Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh Javabeans!

Becky told Park-ha when asked where he was that he asked her to take him to that hotel, so she called taxi and gave driver money to take him there. Thankfully the three boys make it home alive, where they fess up and tell the prince that they were working to earn money for Park-ha, because her business was ruined before it even began. Just me trying to tie up the romance plotlines neatly: Saima March 29, at