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Plus, the other three now aren’t just the funny sidekicks, but more becoming one of the main motivations for Yi Gak to find a way back to the Joseon era. Se-na is sent back to collect Park-ha; Granny is calling her and Tae-yong on the carpet for some interrogation. It starts a long time a go in Korea, when Korea had a king and a crown prince and crown princess. I just watched Padam Padam and I loved it and of course she was great as always but find her better in Rooftop Prince. Download the latest version here. Ivoire March 22, at 7: That would be nice, when they read the testament or something because she said she is sick right? The boys jerk back and Yong-sool jumps in front of the prince, fending off the enemy with a kick at the TV.

If i were her i would try to be nice to her and do what she wants but behind her back i would destroy her and reveal what type of beeyatch she is lol. I was once incurably addicted to You’re beautiful, after that I promised myself that I would stay away from Kdrama for a while. Such is life, LOL. It’ll be interesting to see how the reconcile. Especially side on with a bit of tension? Great Aunt urges Se-na to hurry and claim him for herself. It’s surprising and a lil bit scary how addicted i am to this drama as I have lil expectation in the beginning. Please, please sub it soon!

I also have a strange feeling that I know how this is going to end Yi Gak demands to know where here is. You were right he has princee sexy voice. No I mean I was wondering why the three ducklings didn’t seem to have an accent whereas Lee Gak has a strong one.


Basically everyone pictured above is sneaky or useless. I’m used to seeing passionate aka mouth-to-mouth kisses, but then when I think more about it, where Yi Gak is coming from which is from Joseon times, it makes sense somehow. Does anyone know what the song is when Park Ha goes through the pile of clothes? Yes, but that’s human nature not gonna place the blame on only men.

I found myself giggling just looking at him. Crown Prince Lee Gak and his fellows investigate the truth of her death, but they end up falling onto Park Ha’s rooftop house in the 21st century. By now, the characters have figured out most of the secrets that the audience has known all along.

I was also disappointed with himbeing evil. Previous page Page 1 Page 2. They are playing a real cool trick on us with that. I think that’s 1 they created parallel characters in each era, so both will get kimchldrama own happily-ever-after?

God what a crappy birthday. They keep getting eviler and eviler hey?! I certainly hope humans can’t feel MORE pain.

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I always want to see the 3 musketeer’s NG, because there is no way they can do all of that in one take. And let me just say eeeeeeee!

Se-na instructs Yi Gak, holding his hand to show his grip and corrects his stance with her touch. An interesting statistic, maybe, but useless. I am glad the CEO knows Sena is her daughter, I hope she doesn’t give her any part of the fortune once she finds out that Sena herself kept her from finding PH.


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Thank you for recapping! It takes hours, but finally, Yi Gak wears the president down long enough to get him to agree to hear him out. Watching Micky Yoochun in this show is like watching a flower open up. The toilet is a marvel, until Man-bo remembers what he did with it the first time he saw it. But can a person be any blinder?? So she mimchidrama let his family suffer by thinking he was dead, all while biding her time so she can take advantage and score a windfall out of the situation.

Have you ever posted a recap this fast – ever???

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Thanks for the recap part 1, lol! To be honest, RT has not reached that level in terms of addiction but well, you say it, I can’t concentrate on anything on Wed and Thu: Hopefully we get more quartet and less Sena!

Maybe she had a lover who got jealous? The wrist grab, him pulling her into prunce hug, the silent tear they were all emotional and heart tugging, but he kiss itself? Oh, please bring out the recap for episode I fell madly in love with lee soon joon.

I hope the story gets much more juicy from now onwards. Totem April 28, at 7: