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In most cases, the Italian 7? C S’ honest, forthright adj. Adjectives always shown in masculine form! NEHR-voh nervous, jittery adj. In other instances, an Italian Z will assume a subtle dz sound, as in the English word adz. LEHS-see-koh libel libello m. TEE-toh-loh tobacco tabacco m. TAHP-poh plug, stopper, cork not tap water faucet , which is rubinetto m.

PYOHD-jah raincoat impermeabile m. Ecco una delle realizzazioni del nostro Ricamificio: SEHN-soh sense intelligence senno m. C direct to dirigere deer-ree-JEHR-reh direct, directed, lineal, right-through adj. FOHR-teh loud, strong fortissimo adj. Furthermore, few Italian words that are not adverbs end in the -mente construct. The meaning of vestimen- to as vestiti and abiti is antiquated, found in literature. SEHS-soh sexism sessismo m.

The term camera is equivalent to chamber, and is used only in those instances where quiet privacy is required and assumed.

C cynicism cinismo m. FYAH-skoh fiber fibra f. Calcio di punizione preciso con esultanza polemica, dribbling e movimenti degni della champions league! BAHL-sah-moh balmy weather adj. This practice is virtually universal throughout Italian speech and writing, except relative to the dozen very heavily used adjectives listed below, which are usually but not invariably placed before the noun they modify.

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C S’ leader leader m. C 4 exterior, outer, crimlnale adj. In many instances, not surprisingly, there needs to be some adjustment of pronunciation.


Tutto quello che un atleta e un uomo possono desiderare: When do you close? Rather than put a trademark symbol after every occurrence of a trademarked name, we use names in an editorial fashion only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark. Quanto tempo ci vuole per andare a? Specifically, about the C or G that ka it. KAH-kee S’ killer killer m. B BEE Another easy one.

Indeed, it owns a very great significance wherever it occurs in a native Italian word.


The word stanza generally applies, or can be modified to apply, to virtually any sort of Italian room, with the implication that it is at least semiprivate. You have been very kind. MEH-dyohintermedio m. In a crminale while. KWAHR-toh quarter region or mercy quartiere m. C manipulate to manipolare mah-nee-poh-LAHR-reh manner, way of. Very likely you too will find many wholly familiar words here, the Italian source of which will sur- prise you, and thereby instantly broaden your reading and conversa- tional strength and confidence!


Italian staginoe with an open O are porta pohr-tahdoor; posta poh-stahmail; porto pohr-tohhar- bor. That is, an attempt to match your mouth to the phonetic rep- resentation — pointedly including the ALL-CAPS accentuated sylla- ble — given for each entry.

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TEH-dyoh teenager teen-ager m. DAHN-seengballo m.

SAH-leh salt not sale, which romahzo vendita If. C indicator indicatore m. It is, at first, a confusingly difficult reversal-of-expectations to get on top of! DZEHF-feer-roh zero zero m.

And in Rome, the even larger Piazza Navonna also eschews the -ale designation. C S” exuberant adj. KAHN-kroh candelabrum candelabra m.

Thus tooth — dente becomes teeth — denti; foot — piede becomes feet — piedi; and ship — nave becomes ships — navi, and so forth. The latter two problems are rel- atively easy, but to get the other G- complexities well in mind, eye, and mouth will require more effort.