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Dex helps Lan in fight with BurnerMan. Rush and the Maloko intervene. About three months later, ten more episodes aired between November 28 and December 9, bringing the series to a close and skipping five more episodes. Before more analysis can be conducted, Darkloid SparkMan appears and destroys the converter. BrightMan is deleted, and the others retreat. When MegaMan rescues SpoutMan from a Darkloid attack, SpoutMan begins idolizing his new hero and following him everywhere, causing Roll to grow jealous. Regal against the NetSavers’ orders.

Lan CrossFuses against DesertMan, but fails. In the end, it’s revealed that Ms. Lan and MegaMan stop arguing and work together to defeat BubbleMan. However, MegaMan intervenes and spoils BubbleMan’s plan. Mari is held hostage in a freezer, and MegaMan must battle with SpikeMan to rescue her. However, it was a set-up by SavageMan. Yuri reinstitutes his darkness, causing him to escape.

He plans to flood every toilet in DenTech City. Yuri, but mistakening Ms. About three months later, ten more episodes aired between November 28 and December 9, bringing the series to a close axeds skipping five more episodes.

Lan accidentally takes it with him to a museum exhibition on NetCity.

Megaman Online – The Source for anime! – Megaman NT Warrior Episode 45

Regal appears, he unveils a tower of Dimensional Area Converters and covers the entire planet. He befriends a Maloko sheep virus, but BubbleMan is causing electrical interference throughout the city in hopes of reviving ShadeMan. In the end, it’s revealed that Ms. It seems the data for AyanoTech’s latest game, Strawberry Princess, has been stolen by viruses.

The NetSavers meet a girl named Anetta. Meanwhile, bowling expert BowlMan becomes infected with a DarkChip and plans to destroy the bowling alley.


After having a dream about performing CrossFusion, Maylu wishes to do so and protect Lan eex a change. Yuri who claims “As one chapter ends, another one begins. Maylu picks it up, determined to CrossFuse, but she fails. However, Misaki is overcome with his desire to CrossFuse, and Ms. During his investigation, Ms. She enlists her friends in tracking down the stolen data. Revived, ShadeMan plans to get revenge on Dr.

However, Chaud appears and stops her plan, but faces Gockman, who admits that he is now a Darkloid working with Nebula. Nebyura Kichi ” Japanese: Yuri is plotting to use holographic cloaking brooches at a modeling show to steal important data, and she sends SparkMan to distract Lan while she does so.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Axess premiered in Japan on October 4, and ran until September 25, In the end, VideoMan is deleted when Chaud uses electromagnetic waves to destroy VideoMan’s cloning abilities.

Chaud is having trouble dealing with the loss of ProtoMan to darkness, but Lan helps comfort him with his loss.

In his plan, he befriends IceMan and SpoutMan in hopes of fusing with their power. Hikari teaches him how to enter Dimensional Areas from the rpckman. Lan perfects the technique and defeats BurnerMan. Rush and the Maloko intervene. They meet a robot named Allegro and also re-encounter Kid Grave, now being controlled by Bass. The series is also known for having a much darker tone, more violent battles, and a much less constant cast episodd characters for example, EXE regulars Dex and Yai are reduced to guest appearances.

He goes on a rampage through DenTech City to find Dr. Anetta then reveals that Dr. Returning from Kingland, Lan and co.


Rockman.EXE Axess Episode 45 Discussion

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Regal’s hidden space hideout. Axeds was meant to promote the Japanese release of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and prominently features characters and concepts from this game.

Megaman Online – The Source for anime! – [Dub] Megaman NT Warrior Axess

Unlike the original EXE series, Axess has only one part, with episoe episodes. Chaud sees through her plan and reveals the truth behind Silk’s deletion. Lan CrossFuses against DesertMan, but fails. First, he captures Rush and uses his technology to appear in the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area.

Lan investigates a science museum being built when the NetSavers receive word of a possible Darkloid attack. BrightMan is deleted, and the others retreat. Lan meets Misaki, the first person to test CrossFusion. Regal, a researcher who can help stop the Darkloids.

With the help of Yai and his friends, Lan blasts off to space to stop Dr. Lan also meets Tamako, a gift-shop owner who has a love for NetBattling. In Lan’s absence, Raika works with old friend Raoul to stop the invasion. In the end, Lan saves her again, but their relationship has grown. While visiting an exhibit in a tower that floats in the sea, Lan meets Tamako and begins sparring with her.