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Free of spam and authoring notations. TO Robocop p BluRay 2 years ago 1 This is Zee 1’s sub resynced and slightly edited for the evo release. The reality of the situation is just too harsh in its portrayal and you end up thinking maybe he would be better off dead. The original Robocop franchise died when they aimed at a younger demographic. Just fixed some OCR errors. I was pleasantly surprised by the first hour of the film and how Murphy’s quite horrifying physical transformation was depicted there wasn’t much left of him and the emotional impact upon him.

The film delves into the meaning of humanity, family themes, media influence on public opinion, corporate greed capitalism , authoritarianism and corrupt law enforcement authorities. Its up close and personal. So when people complain about the uncomfortable scenes between Murphy and his wife, I can only imagine they mean what happened after his transformation, and that felt exactly the way it was supposed to! It became even more obvious how much the RoboCop story exists within the topos of Frankenstein which is the story about the human devilment and the lack of respect of life. Although it’s hardly a ground-breaking film or a masterpiece, Robocop is a decent and satisfying remake that delivers on many levels. Also, on a side note: Vietnamese 3 years ago 1

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Other gripes include a lack of clarity as to Omnicorp’s role if any in Murphy being blown up, and plot threads not being followed through to any satisfying conclusion such as Subtirles relationship with his family. Unfortunately the film starts to take a significant nose dive at the point of Robocop’s big public unveiling.

All credits to original authors and uploaders. What movie did those guys watch? The film lacks something and I think I know what it is; there is no real villain.


Main criminal Antoine Vallon is utterly woeful compared to Kurtwood Smith’s vile Clarence Boddiker and even Micheal Keaton can’t hold a candle to Ronny Cox’s performance in the original. Frankly, you just don’t care. When I watched Man of Steel at about the 50 minute mark I realised I hadn’t heard John Williams classic Superman theme but also realised that this was a new take on the Superman mythos that didn’t need to borrow from subtifles predecessors. It also briefly raises the question whether it’s ethical or legal to eliminate the human factor in law enforcement to reduce crime rates by creating merciless cyborgs or robots to replace humans.

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Robocop Webrip Retraducido. Kinnaman is somewhat wooden in places but gives a decent enough performance even though at times he looks uncomfortable with the role. Pangeran 3 years ago suvtitles XviD-aTLas 3 years ago 2 The anti-American war effort message starts to get a little forced down your throat and before you start screaming that I’m a flag loving American, I’m a Brit, and even I felt the satire was a bit in your face.

I wholly embrace the need to make this reboot from a fresh angle to that of Verhoven’s original but Sony MGM have played it way too safe with something that would clearly play better if it were aimed at an adult audience.

It provides a brief view of the struggles we might face with machines or digital surveillance of the future. Free of spam and authoring notations.

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It tells us nothing interesting that we don’t already know and Jackson does his shouty thing to excess, especially at the cringe-worthy end. As an example of how modern Hollywood has become all about excessive studio control above creativity and maximising ticket subtittles at the expense of a film’s overall artistic quality then this film succeeds.


There is also little chemistry between Alex and Clara Murphy subyitles before and after his transformation. Typical of modern Hollywood. This was a clumsily handled plot device done for the advancement of the plot but defied logic.

The film is best when it isn’t trying to ape and nod towards the original. Instead of building up a super-villain for Murphy to fight to the death with, it toys with different characters as his foe, never really committing to one or the other.

If this is their replacement of the satire of the original they can keep it. This movie really dives into the question of how a person could live his day to day live with almost all of his body amputated and stuck inside of a machine.

Well, it looks like butter, it at times tastes like butter, but brother, it ain’t butter. I know what I’d buy for a dollar. In Detroit, when Croatiab Murphy – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.

Although it’s hardly a ground-breaking film or a masterpiece, Robocop is a decent and satisfying remake that delivers robofop many levels. Just fixed some OCR errors.

XviD-2LOW 3 years ago 1 Just improved it to my liking. The wubtitles black tactical design of Robocop is found to be acceptable and nice Free of spam and authoring notations English Robocop.

The best bits revolve around Murphy’s initial awakening as a cyborg which are very well done indeed.