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By James Gurney May 22, How to Polish a Watch Case and Bracelet. He has been passionately Used again in Movement: The Robina is a ladies watch with the same mechanical and aesthetic qualities as the Robin. For more information, please visit Robert Loomes online. Painstakingly hand-decorated in-house calibers,

It’s a significant source of pride for this company. British watchmaker Robert Loomes will be presenting a mountaineering team from the Royal Gurhka Regiment with watches to help them scale Everest in May. We met Loomes just a few months ago to find out about his current collection and his aspiration to create an in-house movement. Not the most elegant shot but this has filled my heart with sunshine this February afternoon. By James Gurney May 22, This year the talk that caught my eye was Robert Loomes discussing about how he got to be building his movements in Britain; held on Friday lunchtime.

It followed up shortly after with the AXIS Pure and the Revival collections, both based on hand winding calibres. The Robin range was launched in and uses “new, old stock” Smiths movements as the basis for construction. The son of a literature expert on antique clocks, he also creates watches in small numbers, usually a maximum of 50 to a pieces. Given his experience with it over the past five years, it’s no surprise that Loomes would start here.

Don’t miss anything Be the first to hear about our new arrivals, receive updates and exclusive offers. Keeping that in mind: However, Graham is also capable of adding visually interesting and unexpected twists to its watches. To cut a long story short the whole enterprise started with a bet.

One that has given the world everything from classical literature, to famous rock music, and even its very language. When it comes to designing and prototyping it is fair to say that every single member of staff has been involved in the production of our watches.

Among his most noteworthy creations is the Series 2: Initially created for an Everest expedition, this elegant new range is now raising funds for the Nepal relief fund. Most of the other components are manufactured by small specialist machine shops around the country, wtach turners Robert himself does not use a lathe at work except for a bit of prototyping.


Everest Watch Sold for £10, – Mount Everest The British Story

The gear trains are definitely structured the same way, which you can see from looking at the positions of the jewels and pivots. The first prototypes will be shown this Thursday at Salon QP in London and we’ll be there live for a hands-on look at the Stamford Original and a whole lot more.

looes I am glad you found it useful! This movement can be found exclusively in the Portsmouth and S1 timepiece and boats everything a truly great watch needs.

Naturally, we are also able to undertake bespoke commissions either individual watches or small limited edition runs of up to Step 3 Start a new chat located top right with the newly created contact. Charles Malcolm-Brown, chairman of The Mountain Trust, will give a presentation before the specially-prepared watches are officially handed over on March 10 at Stamford Town Hall. Robert clearly does not want to give away all his secrets but he is interested in the word getting out with a drip drip of information.

However, now on my fourth year I am getting used to the format of the show and so I am starting to feeling comfortable in the Saatchi Gallery.

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He is however manufacturing all of the components of his first movement in England, and this is what it looks like: We continue the tour, past the ground floor, on which the reception area sits, to the bowels of the building.

However, Nick and Giles English have also gone one step further and added several unique to Bremont, manufacturing twists e. The Robina is a ladies watch with the same mechanical and aesthetic qualities as the Robin.


It is however held within a more elegant 30mm case that is 9mm deep. Peter Speake-Marin is both the namesake and founder of this British-themed watch brand.

Being able to deal with these extremes of temperature and pressure must be testament to their hardiness and quality. Now you may or may not agree with the recommendations but it did make me think again about how long the current trend for 42mm and larger watches will last.

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Horology in Great Britain is making a comeback. Schofield Signalman timekeepers are clearly for the man or lokmes who like their timepiece neat and tidy in best British fashion, but who still value a unique timepiece with some measure of functionality on their wrist. Somewhat to my surprise I got an very interesting reply back.

Robert and his wife Robina first met at high altitude in Bolivia 24 years ago, almost making it to an altitude of 6,m. White, black Roman numerals with red 12, black outer minute track, British made black dagger hands, red centre seconds Case: Notify me of new posts by email. The team were already above Camp 2 on the Everest massif and climbing to 7,m when the quake struck. These unique maritime devices saw action aboard the ships of the legendary, seafaring exploits of Captain Thomas Butler, Sir John Franklin, and even Captain James Cook.

The top of the range Loomes Original watch is entirely designed and made by us, movement, case, dial and ancillaries.