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You’ll scream, you’ll laugh, you’ll jump out of your seat! If you like what you see and have a suggestion for a future theme, be sure to let us know! And because these are officially the silliest roles ever created we are lucky to have British and Australian actors stepping in to do the jobs Americans won’t do. Because The Dark Knight is not just a superhero movie. Strap in for terror, or at least a steady, crushing, existential dread, as Mike, Kevin, and Bill go up against the film equivalent of sitting next to a talkative moron on a 6-hour flight: Starring Gerard Butler as a shrieking inarticulate Scotsman so in other words “a Scotsman” , delivers on its promise to be the bloodiest movie since Carrie 2: In order to get the full picture we must revisit the beloved late 70’s TV version, specifically the episode “The Final Round” Season 1, Disc 2, Episode 3 for those Netflixing , in which we learn that Hulk befriend untalented boxer who literally dumber than half-full bag of hammers.

Note – In certain parts of the movie, the audio is a tad out of sync with the video. Because, you see, William moves from Georgia to Harlem. From the moment it debuted, Sharknado was one of the most requested titles in RiffTrax history. Your enjoyment also depends heavily on understanding the plot of Reloaded, which was mathematically proven to be impossible in a Harvard study. Pause to think about whether this is a good thing. What is an Ice Cream Bunny? For the love of all that is good and holy, the clowns!

Every care has been taken to ensure that this DVD is of the highest quality. Kind of looks like a Transformer.

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But we were also disgusted, because the movie title failed to provide its own abbreviation as part of the title. The petulant star they rifctrax on board demands to play a role that wasn’t actually in the script, massive rewrites ensue, and the novice director is forced to fall back on the skills watcy honed directing Sugar Ray music videos.


It, too, is too good to be true! The Dirt Witch, probably one of the top films ever made about witch cleanliness.

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After that, it starts to get strange. Not since Snakes On A Plane had the internet been so excited about a movie, and not since the late 90s had anyone been so excited about anything starring Tara Reid. The Fellowship of the Ring, the thrilling tale of some short guys, some slightly taller hairy guys, some thin, fey, but slightly taller guys, some grungy, somewhat beefier, slightly taller guys, and a frighteningly hairy, older, slightly taller guy with a stick, and their quest to throw something somewhere hot.

Let’s just get this out of the way: When I come back in six months to see The Matrix Revolutions, they had better balance out those ponderous scenes of two characters quietly discussing the minutiae of the plot with a lot more tedious action sequences where I can’t tell what is going on. Your favorite chicken-slaughtering candy-maker is now a RiffTrax! But enough about the Mighty Ducks. All this in spite of the bat suit causing our hero to grumble like the offspring of Tom Waits and Cookie Monster.

And man, does this parade swing! Hear the crew kick some serious ice in this, the first ever fan-written Rifftrax! Besides, look at him, he definitely needs those glasses.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians bravely attempts to set the record straight. Katie carries some baggage, namely some sort of ghost, or demon, or Edit Storyline The Rifftrax Crew give several holiday short films a good riffing. Kevin, Mike, and Bill invite you to come inside their little shop of RiffTrax and have a look around.

Join Mike as he discovers his extraordinary power shkrts riff on Heroes. Road House is the comic mother lode and Mike takes advantage of every smashed beer bottle, throat kick, and monster car smash-up in his hilarious running commentary.

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Anaconda stars a pre-fame Jennifer Lopez, a post-fame Eric Stoltz, and an Owen Wilson who even then was somehow ashamed of his role in The Internship christmass it not happening for another sixteen years. Our old Avatar friend Sborts Worthington is along for the ride, maintaining his policy of only acting in front of green screens. RiffTrax gives their special treatment to Starship Troopers. The epic story of tiny men doing very important things continues.


Mountain lion attacks are entirely possible! Are you a fan of Star Wars but feel that there just weren’t enough brain-stunningly idiotic names for your taste?

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Cooper, a fearsome catfish, and someone to shorst him money for a plate of curry. Fortunately, our disgust was misguided, as Dragon Wars bucks the trend and includes its own abbreviation in the title: Things get complicated when a whiny young irritant named Kate Claire Danes locks John into an unhygienic dog kennel and refuses to even worm him.

What the hell was that? Depending upon whether one is referring to the title of the film, the four individuals who are fantastic and number four, or the group of four fantastic people rlfftrax use that title! Will he button his shirt?

And when it was finally released on DVD we ruined our first three copies by hugging them too much. What is an Ice Cream Bunny?

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The comedy event of comes to Blu-ray! Bill, Mike, and Kevin make this the itchiest, lumpiest Life Day of them all! Retribution, that Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead Though it should be noted that in lieu of blood, utilized digital globs of diluted road tar.