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Just a reminder that your feeble attempts to deal with squirrels probably won’t work. Its almost 2 gig, so not a quick little file to grab. The latest video to be released goes after a favorite punching bag in the movie world, Twilight. I made changes to the left navigation once more on some sound advice that we were essentially wasting precious real-estate by doubling links and section headers. Yet another great compilation of Russian dashcam videos passed onto me. Funny thing is I didn’t realize this wasn’t a real exchange right away, and saw it as completely legit:

Pretty much my thoughts. It can be none more flat. Guy finds his house plumbed with beer. Putting modern journalism in its place: Don’t you love mindless marketing propaganda. This image is great, the day in the life of a programmer. Reddit asks the excellent question of What happens to your porn after you die?

Ridiculousness memes. Best Collection of funny ridiculousness pictures on iFunny

Via a share from Len on Google Reader. Yesterday we posted about Rep.

Jace Hall – I Play W. Anyway, skip ahead a year and college came about. No fee for coming to have a yarn with the fellow. We will be using the front door east entrance again this year instead of the south door because it is just easier to watch and keep the library locked and secure while allowing people to come and go. We have most definitely out grown our current location for LAN parties, and i have been working on new locations for next year.

Remember that Droid teaser that came out the other day with the bunch of “iDon’t” things that the iPhone doesn’t do? This sudden fear of accomplishment I’d like to blame on the fact that in 8 short months, I’ll be 30 years old and I’m suddenly feeling very much paranoid of how much I’ve accomplished.

Course, your brain would be the size of a pea, but still, that’s a happy duck! I’m so glad that someone finally brought this up. Guy chokes a kid after being made fun of in Black Ops, we’re It saddens me to think the power of the marketers, sitting atop their Sony Skyscraper, petting lovingly their pie charts and marker boards detailing Supply and Demand and watching the lemmings being tended too by Paramedics because they camped out in a parking lot during a Denver Winter all so they can narrow their breeding options even further by having their patheticness televised.


Jack Russell terrier puppieslive on ustream.

face ball GIFs

Great link from my buddy James, of RainGeek fame: An example of a Polandball comic which is an extension of the “Poland cannot into space” catchphrase. Newton appearing in a Vlogbrothers video in In other news, anyone think that people stating that MMO’s teach people real life skills might just be trying to validate the fact that their real life has become their MMO?

Use the front Door!

Just damn fun at Worth Just go and read it ok? The sheer thought that you could be anything, do anything you wanted to do was a pretty appealing in those days. But yet, while I know how to epiode both, when it’s a matter of laying out an entire site using no tablesit’s like my brain suddenly goes on standby, leaving me gazing at my computer with a confused look, desperately trying to fight the urge to lay down some slick embedded tableness.

Ok, this is not only a lesson in why you never have a game delivered to your friend’s house, but in how to keep a straight face successfully for more than 5 minutes while your buddy tries ridiculousneas figure out that he’s being Rick-Rolled. Thanks to those of you who pre-registered, but those episofe haven’t are still welcome to attend!

However, that doesn’t help us right now! Ballad of Steven Slater.

Worth of an ThatKevinSmith movie. Our front page for those of you only reading the forums now has our progress of our goal in the right hand side and an easy “chipin” button for you to help donate to the cause. Not sure if we will get an Aussie here again, but ya never know! Remember a few days ago when someone completely botched the restoration of a historic painting?

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Some real gems in there. I tend to forget that I have a habit of spending way to fucking much time using a specific device until I get forcibly removed from it via engineered redundancies.

Try it by using their facebaol, or hit this link may or may not work depending on your location. Funny little video of Michael Caine doing Michael Caine.

ridiculousness videos, ridiculousness clips –

Via reddit comes an awesome picture to start your morning with. Lastly a brief WoW mention, TaLA is still up and going those of you who have strayed away during the start ridicullusness summer don’t forget about us.


I do not have any use for Drew Carrie, I don’t think anyone does. Great book, and now you can Download Samuel L. I remember the days, when I could design a website with relative ease. Maybe even some impromptu tourneys?!?!?

This It’s Party Time! Also watch the site in the next week or 2 for our confirmed LAN party date. Some newer games such as Ashes of the Singularity and Rocket league support LAN play and i expect to get a riidiculousness games in! Her pseudonym Jenna Marbles comes from her mothers complaint that Mourey, their legal surname, Jennas mother was unemployed at the time that Jennas first video went viral, and was concerned that their content might put off potential employers.

In an effort to get more news here A case for The Grinch puts together a nice and concise argument for why The Grinch was perfectly justified in doing what he did. In addition, the United States sports a pair of shades and the United Kingdom wears a monocle, indonesia is always drawn with either a songkok or Asian conical hat, to differentiate itself from Polandball, due to its resemblance with the flag riciculousness Poland.

Everything wear out eventually. It seems if you register with a hotmail or Yahoo email address your registration appears to work, but in fact does NOT. Everything from dimly lit basements full of Cheetos and Mountain Dew to the online saga that is World of Warcraft were by products of his creation. As Aryk said when he send me this, “it’s true”.

This is obviously a “fanboy” response to the Kindle, done in mostly jest, but demonstrating just how silly feature lists really are, because they really will never ridicuolusness you the real story, but just what whoever is selling you wants the story to be though, that’s basically what marketing is all about.