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Most iconic filming locations across the world! Some important parts of the movie were shot in Dehradun. Proin viverra dolor eu semper faucibus. Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein “. However, the film belatedly gained popularity through screenings on television and subsequently developed a cult following amongst young audiences. The team shot for the film in South Africa and shot scenes at Durban Beach and in Drakensberg, with production executive Raakesh Maharaj arranging the unit’s stay in the country. The college which Kareena graduates from is Hagley community college in Auckland. Maddy thinks that Rajeev has come to rebuke him once more.

Where are you headed to? My Tickets are booked. Sukhwinder Singh , Vasundhara Das. I am definitely going on holiday, but not sure where. Rajeev hands Reena over to Maddy, upon which the duo confess their feelings for each other. Write in to editor holidayiq. Though the enmity between Sam and Maddy is renewed, Sam cannot help but notice that Reena is marrying him only because she is mad at Maddy.

But the fight was interrupted in between by the professors. My Tickets are booked. Bollywood movies have a knack of transporting us to mysterious places. Combination of all emotions. Some important parts of the movie were shot in Dehradun. It was his 1st Bollywood movie as leading actor since before making his Bollywood debut he worked in several Tamil and Kannada movies. Cras sed sapien quam. Upon release “Zara Zara” and “Sach Keh Raha Hai” topped the Bollywood music charts and the album received positive reviews from critics.

The ending of the movie was super romantic what most of the girls dream of, and the music played on the situation when they again meet on airport makes it more memorable. Ut non sapien et ex pellentesque congue at id nisl. Do you want to be connected to a travel agent?


Bollywood movies shot in New Zealand

No I’d rather do my own research. Rhfdm story starts with narration by Maddy R. Left alone miles away from home, the song describes the loneliness of Ganga, the lead actress, when she arrives in Las Vegas just before her wedding. Retrieved 16 February Sam graduates and leaves the college, but promises Maddy that one fine day, he will complete what was started i. She gets happy even with smaller efforts being put by the guy. Tips and How to Plan. The HolidayIQ community can help you plan your trip!

Especially our Hindi film songs as they are often shot at exotic places, giving us serious travel goals. Get a Callback Now! Views Read Edit View history. Go on a gondola ride with your loved one and enjoy the view of this unique sightseeing experience while you enjoy a romantic ride high in the sky.

Need to Finalise Destination Destination is Decided. If you visit Dunedin, visit the harbor and hills around Dunedin, these represent fhtdm remnants of an extinct volcano.

Reena and Maddy are united once again. It’s natural and cultural heritage along with it’s modern lifestyle makes this a perfect holiday destination. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Fri, Apr 10 Ever thought about where these exotic locations are? Your Free Guide should be reaching you shortly. Maddy also learns that Reena doesn’t know how Rajeev looks like now and movis Rajiv is coming next week to meet her. Rhydm performance was as sweet as Diya Mirza’s smile in the movie. Travel news, curated stories, great deals and more! This blockbuster film featuring Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel was shot in parts of New Zealand like Otago, Queenstown in the second half of the movie when the heroine Sonia moves there to battle depression.


Reena is no better off without him mofie, as she finds it very difficult to forget him. Meet the Maoris, stargaze a bit, walk the glaciers and more at NZ https: Reena decides to call off her relationship with Maddy.

Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

Well it was shot in a beguiling town in western Switzerland, Gstaad. Sonu NigamKavita Krishnamurthy. Submitted Now you will get Free Travel Quotes from verified travel agents!

Three best freinds on a road trip discovering themselves. Cras placerat massa leo, id accumsan risus malesuada ac. When are you planning to book? Nullam orci odio, iaculis sed facilisis ut, varius eu nisi.

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Sam challenged Maddy for one-on-one fight, to which Maddy happily agreed. However, the film belatedly gained popularity through screenings on television and subsequently developed a cult following amongst young audiences. Wed, Apr 15 Rajeev believes that Maddy is getting involved in all this because of their rivalry.

Maddy is the son of a music shop owner Anupam Kher who hopes that Maddy will someday take over his shop. We’re only here to help! Everything goes well and Maddy decides to reveal his identity when Reena confesses her love to him.

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