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She did, and they did, and the whole time the BFG was just like:. Practically overnight, Neville takes command of the or so soldiers camped around the Tower, with Jason as his right hand and under the auspices, or so he says, of the Georgia Republic. She did, and they did, and the whole time the BFG was just like: The poor guy is just ragged with regret. Found the steam boats to patrol the river oh and now we found out where all the sail boats went. That’s what I’m talking about. Spot on on everything, but you’ll be back.

I have to say, after just watching the finale, I am thouroughly confused. You got the first taste for free when you started watching this show. Your reaction video is spot on! Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. I suspect the kids took over somewhere between five minutes into episode 2 and the end of episode 3, but I could be out by a few seconds. The series finale was a mess. Rachel called in Grace for a last-ditch attempt to convince her that powering up was the right thing to do because dead Danny deserves revenge, and when that didn’t work, Rachel chloroformed Grace and took the keycard out of her pocket.

Maybe I need to go back and watch a few episodes again The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Though it sounds like you know what you’re talking about you’re really s012e0 out a few details.

Screw everybody up in there.

The Firstest notices the trip wire. Sorry, but they require javascript. Just lean back and enjoy shooting the stupidity right into your veins and let your eyes glare over and vomit your disgust in here when the show is over. Despite his fingers, he discovers why the Firsties have practically rolled out the red carpet for him: They went in there on false pretenses and killed thousands of innocent people.

You qatch the ones shown in that last photo in the article. There’s a few problems with this show. President goes back to Guantanamo. Wish we could have seen the ICBMs hit, get a few good scenes of mass destruction as an exciting end. Upstairs, Neville managed to convince men that they should start a coup against Monroe and he took control of an army in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. In fact, her formerly living son Danny was born with a congenital heart defect or bad asthma or something, and it was a dangerous, experimental surgery that saved his life.


Tim, I miss your Fringe reviews! Miles wouldn’t leave Nora there alone, so he carried her toward Level 12, but then the unthinkable occurred.

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Rachel, Charlie, and the BFG want to turn the power back on. Unfortunately, the First Folk will kill them if they try. You don’t know all recolution, of course, but I’m betting it’s all a pretty decent guess Throughout the season, characters had all sorts of problems, many of the storylines wore out or were simply ignored, and even the overall mythology—which should have been laid out before the season started—seemed clueless as to where it was going.

If you wan’t a to discuss this inflamed subject on a serious basis the at least keep to the facts. So these “guardians” just waych Randall play around the first 6 or 7 levels without evicting his ass cause they wernt reolution to be revealed till Charlie showed up.

But in the process of being a badass, Nara also took some nasty shrapnel in her stomach.

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And then, just blow up some explosives on the floor in front of the entry and there is a big hole into the ground. Hoping someone can answer this And electricity is restored to the planet. I wonder after a very intimite scene between Monroe en Miles, will they still try to kill each other or will they be forced to work together against Neville and the rest of the world Nuclear power plants would perhaps watvh come back on, but without maintenance would soon blow and not only turn the lights back off, warch much worse.

Theme by Revolutikn Union. My guess is Monroe may somehow become aligned with Miles and Rachel to fight other forces a la Ben from Lost. Randall Flynn presses a big red button that launches nuclear weapons at Philadelphia and Atlanta.


Season 2, since the mid season break they finally found the ammo after 15 years and ditch the useless swords, crossbows and muskets for real firepower. Second of wxtch, smashing the picture of Bush was downright disrespectful. Now who is going to pay the electric bill? The funniest reply I ever got here Yes, I need silliness, crazy action, and some degree of implausibility. Rachel needed to get down there, but how? What I want to know is The whiskey is apparently just reappearing in his glass, not due to magic, but most likely due to the sheer psychic will of his alcoholism.

There, I said it. And don’t start assuming what Obama would or wouldn’t do. Or is this a new one? Also I really don’t like all the flip flopping of the attitudes of the characters.

The first and the last episode compared, except for some characters, its almost a totally different show. She did, and they did, and the whole time the BFG was just like:. No wonder Kipke brought in new writers for season 2!

Revolution S01E20

That’s right, the show is regolution by children. I didn’t feel lots of stuff, but I didn’t NOT feel stuff either. Thanks Tim for the delicious reviews.

You got the first taste for free when you started watching this show. Miles takes an exceptional gulp of whiskey.

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This show is like heroin. Neville assembles a team, which of course includes Jason, and heads inside. Randall Flynn has been hiding in the most nondescript of nondescript hallways inside the Tower, waiting for his chance to slip down to the 12th Floor. One in a million? Charlie revolutiom some desperation in her mom, which is valid, because Rachel is quietly going bonkers.