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Prolific cult filmmaker Sion Sono has freely adapted the world of Yusuke Yamada’s novel ‘Riaru Onigokko’ to expose the trappings of patriarchy. Edit Personal Details Publicity Listings: Movies I’ve Seen In: More Reviews TV [ What a weird, weird Japanese movie. Remembering what Sur said about tricking fate, she then commits suicide by stabbing herself, to the shock of both the old man and his younger self. Also in Fantasia Film Festival.

Aki tells her to focus and remember that although she is both Keiko and Izumi in these scenarios, she is ultimately Mitsuko. Photography is fine, with excellent deployment of drone-mounted cameras to capture aerial menace in the opening scenes and the expressive faces of Mitsuko, Keiko and and Izumi as they sprint away from danger and toward an unpredictable future. Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? What a weird, weird Japanese movie. On Prime Video Watch Now. Retrieved June 5,

The girls happily return to school. The film contains themes of existentialism and identity and it explores these themes in an over-the-top and absurd fashion. Show all 8 episodes.

She finds herself in a lewd, dingy city called “Men’s World” filled with only men who pervertedly enjoy a poster advertisement horroor a “legendary” violent 3D survival horror video game called “Tag,” depicting Mitsuko, Keiko, and Izumi as playable characters.

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Film Review: ‘Tag’

Aki reassures her that it was just a nightmare and proposes ttiendl they all cut class and go to the woods to cheer her up. Perhaps one of the things that you notice a lot right at the start is how many upskirt shots there are of the schoolgirls.


Post Share on Facebook. I think that’s all I’m gonna be able to say without really ruining the movie. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. When she died, he managed to hororr her DNA and that of all her friends and make clones for his 3D game. Taking only the bare bones of its story from the book that inspired it, this film is as much a comment on cinema – and on other forms of contemporary art – rina it is an experience in its own moviee, but it is no less gripping for that.

Show all 10 episodes. Sur illustrates predetermination with a white feather, stating that it would mean the time it takes for the feather to fall and where it will land are all decided already. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Yes No Report this.

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It is disconnected beyond its useful purpose, but parades around arguably able to arouse sympathy and separately speak volume on our psychological individual and societal brink of breakdown. After returning to her original appearance as Mitsuko, Aki tells her that the two of them and all the girls are in a fictional world being observed by “someone” and that they will continue to hunt Mitsuko down and try to kill her while slaughtering the other girls unless Mitsuko, as the ” main character “, does something to change it.

I will say one thing and that is that, to me, as absurd and surreal as the film can be, I don’t think it’s ever a movie that embraces the surreal for no reason. To the point where they’re just sick and tired of it and they realize that their only chance to stop this is to help Mitsuko on her journey.


Films directed by Sion Sono. With an opening sequence that tops ‘Suicide Club” in shock value, aesthetics and eeriness, “Tag” targets a gore-hungry audience, but goes deeper with the many philosophical and psychological themes of determinism, power, fear, reality and identity. More Reviews TV [ Use the HTML below. As the sole yorror of a horrendous and rather mysterious accident, Mitsuko, a typical Japanese teenager, can safely say that her day has mmovie off to a bad start.

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Do you have a demo reel? Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. A quiet high school girl named Mitsuko survives a gust of wind which slices through her school bus, bisecting everyone else on board.

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But, in my opinion, the climax does make the movie even better. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. I felt it was much too self-serving to be a truly good movie. Dazed and surrounded by numerous dead high school girls, she cleans herself off and changes into another schoolgirl’s uniform and stumbles onto a different high school campus.

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