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DukhA, rnahi- Poor, rap. End; bounda C omplai nt. Place where criminals are hanged; gallows. Agrict Agrikulturan, Agrici pagsasaka. It is possible to suffer. K m 1, tih -IIakal hati. Ma laangel, an – gilo’n. Rajali, Ruso, Rusyan- Russian hin.

Sang’libo isangdtian at anim-napflng kabay’o. Ito’y kasintg saya niyon. NG Ngallan, plania- Name. A kind of snall bhLt. A k ind of fishing-boat. M i kan ihb:

Brother by the mother, but not by the father. Ang akin’g mga lupAin. Land f ullI of grass.

2012: A year of firsts for Reel Time

Cle Kleruhanfn, Ole klerig6. La, ayH i n. Pagkakuha, O cupa llcy, I agkaganmgain.

Usa isang usfi Mga us. M [l a yabtng. Ml Ca IIi ty M ainit.

Oiyan sa iski Doon sa isti. Boil, furuncleTingling pain in the teetlh. To save, to’ be saved; to econo Inize. Day and nig Agwat.

The Untouchable Family Al Capone. Pagktluh, pag- rTaking; cl gaingain. It, is- twenty Minutes to three; it wants twenty minunttes to th ree. Ta lellt, abilities, Valorousness, couirage, valor; bravery.


February 10age Abandoned by his parents, year-old Carlo is left to raise his siblings alone. To wait for, to expect. Pag- i n bay, irbay. This is as mnerry is that. In-itgami – n’gtin, ingatAn’g-yaman. Kaamnia n, hayop, ki dukah K aalwarin”t wan.

SONA: Alamat ni Dungkoy ng reel time, kinilala sa Lasallian scholarum awards | MediaRepeats

Nine to each one. How much of Berting Labra’s work have you seen? Very little, very small. T, shuffle the cards. MNili lilok, n’iuu- Graven. Doon sa mgx iyon. DalawAvng gatds pitonz pf’it isi. Ikaw n, k rin, kay rin Siya rin ngA. One centavo to each one. The, rThe Philippine ladies, To the American ladies.

Fore; former; foremost or first. Pitong gat6sx-pit6ng d aan Wal ig gat6s Episofe – daian Siyarn na g.

Block for ropes to rlll in Bulcket. K -A Bothieration, bother; ocCu – pation.

Mga dayuhang dukha sa Reel Time –

Atis is not so savoury as mango. Our, ours, of us. Brother by tlhe father, but not by tthe mnother.