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I am extremely upset with this company. Her exact words were: No problem, I thought, I’ll just call Redbox and have them reinstate my card. He kept asking me for details but I told him I did not want to talk to him since he would not be about to do anything about it and I wanted to talk to a supervisor. I got the movie and came home to watch. I noticed an unauthorized transaction from Redbox from IL March 30, When you go to a kiosk to rent a movie it doesn’t tell you anything about time limits or anything to do with that. I ended up getting a paper copy so I immediately called Redbox, these people in customer service are hard to understand and really don’t help.

They are stupid and never again will I support them. Now they are refusing to give me back my money at all due to an error on their part! Only the IRS should be allowed to take money out of your account without your consent! Shout out to Precile who helped! A link has directed you to this review. I said that I didn’t want to use them that day.

This company engages in very deceptive business practices and they need to change their policy before someone makes them liable for their actions! We used to have a really good thing going on. They just read and reply like a robot. Force them to fix their errors. A mocies later Redbox is attempting to bill me again for the same missing disk. I called Redbox again and got a rep who could barely speak English. It’s not a free rental when you charge someone for it then return the money. This is the third time I’ve been declined, and the third time I nwmpa called.

We require contact information to moviee our reviewers are real. Maybe she did, I just couldn’t comprehend what she was saying!!! So this free rental cost me 32 bucks. It wanted the CVV number on the back of my debit card. But I figured it out.


First time I waited 27 minutes to talk to someone. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I put it in and then scrolled to the bottom to get confirmation and it again asked for the CVV number.

They should have people on the phone that speaks fluent English!! Maybe a class-action lawsuit needs to be brought against them. Redbox stop using cheap labor for your customer service they are giving you a bad image. rsdbox

But the charge for the 25th was from when I rented on the 20th. Novies few years ago customer service was actually helpful and you had the option to email the company with any problems.

I called to ask for my stolen money to be returned and told them I was recording the conversation to post on social media so that the public eedbox know how they are stealing from their customers and they hung up on me twice.

Then I was told there was no way that they could compensate me by doing “Redbox On Demand” but that they would transfer me to On Demand I should’ve learned my lesson when I had problems renting from them before.

I explained that I rented online so I would get my 50 cents off. Anyways we returned the game the next evening and did not think anything else of it. I will make it a point to never bother with renting their product again.

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So I called customer service to explain to them and one woman told me that they charged me extra to ensure napma and that it will get refunded automatically back to my bank. We will never use Redbox again! I went to a Redbox to rent a movie. Very rude customer service. I called Redbox and the lady apologized and gave me 2 free rentals. They’ve removed that option and obviously moved phone customer service out of the country.

One credit was issued. Finally after about 8 to 10 minutes someone named Nohm got on the phone. Called Redbox, they would not credit my credit card, but emailed me 3 promo codes to be used in 45 days. She transfers me, where I speak to John who tells me I can’t transfer the file to an external drive, and I tell him that I am now aware of that, and that an online chat person named Sheena Mae lied to me about it.


I ask to speak to a manager, where I am then put on hold, but not transferred. I wold never use Redbox again. So as a customer, I am the one that has to make it right? Plus, one of the DVD’s didn’t work. Redbox also tried to charge me on my last card that was brand new for a game that was not returned. April 4, Constant problems with renting, returning, bad promo codes, you name it. Returned the movie the same day.

I tried to log in using their buttons on the screen but it was just very difficult as they do not always work when you hit them. Mike of Abingdon, MD. I have tried numerous times to cancel my account but cannot.

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nammpa Constant problems with renting, returning, bad promo codes, you nampx it. Redbox scams and steals from their customers. I rented the movie Sully in line.

If you’re gonna offer a unreliable product then have a good refund process in place or just make sure your product works in the first place. They sound like they would half asleep. Every time I think about renting from you, I’ll think again. I tried to speak with someone local but their customer service reps are first off hard to understand.