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When the Hiverax tries to split Maya and Boomer, Maya intercepts the attack with her own, causing the attack to land on the Kys, fusing them back together. When the Battacor steal the X-Scaper and head to Norway in an attempt to beat Team Stax to a Kairu relic, the team must go to extreme measures to get the ship back. The Redakai set it up that way so that no one would try to steal Kairu directly from another person’s X-Reader using their own, which used to be possible. The Organization, a group of evil Seekers, is after the book, and to survive they must join a group of good Seekers under master adventurer Dante and lone wolf Zhalia. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. I never imagined that John’s child would be so strong against my influence, but I’ll bet that he doesn’t even realize that he set off her sudden transformation!

You had to ask if she hasn’t had a boyfriend yet? P5 Examination SA1 Schedule recess. I’d hate to put my kids in danger. And besides, I’ll just ask my dad. The young team managed to send out a distress signal to Team Stax. Conquer the Kairu episode 2 Redakai: They looked at each other.

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John sat in front of them on a pillow at the indoor part of the monastery while Team Stax sat in front of him. She faked Maya’s voice and lured Team Tyro into their trap. I’m sorry for ever doubting her, and now’s a chance for me to make up for it. He’s retired after all. It’s around lunchtime, so do you want me to go and make some sandwiches? We can rescue them together!

Conquer the Kairu Season 2 episode oairu – Shadow Ekayon. Big Green, a peacekeeping force of superhumans and animals, work to establish peace between the kingdoms of humans and animals. The Redakai set it up that way so that no one would try to steal Kairu directly eppisode another person’s X-Reader using their own, which used to be possible. Not to mention, I really don’t want to run into Mae. Team Radikor obtains new monsters and battle Team Stax. Ky Stax 32 episodes, Jasmine Richards Must’ve looked at the map wrong!


Team Stax travels to Lokar’s Lair to stop him once and for all. Sara’s case is a rare exception. Conquer the Kairu episode 2. Team Radikor discovers that Lokar is missing. She looked past John and at Boomer.

Ekayon will visit Team Stax and will help his friends to defeat Team Imperiaz and Team Radikor,but they will discover a scaring thing: Team Battacor and team Stax fight for a Kairu relic and try to save Nanuk’s village. Maya meets Lokar and he gives her a lesson on how to control shadow Kairu and she should accept shadow Kairu. Ky falls prey to a mind clouding attack, thus suspending him from Team Stax and leaving Maya and Boomer against a guardian.

Maya carefully went along the edge of the X-Scaper as she tried not to look down, knowing that would make things worse. To beat Hiverax, Team Stax and Radikor teams up but got in a pinch. Boomer wins a Platinum Froztok.

Seeing their plan has gone wrong, the Hiverax comes to beat Zane themselves. The slightest slip of their feet, and they’d be plummeting to the ground. If that were the case, then it would’ve turned into Gray Kairu, and when we collected it, it was Pure Kairu, so that still doesn’t make any sense.

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu Season 1 Episode 8

Share this Rating Title: I’m scared to find out what Lokar’s been doing to her to make her act like that this easily. The three go off on their own and meet up Team Radikor.


Vincent Chalvon-DemersayDavid Michel. Well, I don’t really have any.

Gia, Apex, and Balistar were struggling to keep hold of the rocks they were levitating. She later saves Ky and Boomer from the Imperiez and returns with them. I had something important to do.

If he’s teaching anyone his tricks, especially three people, then all it can mean is bad news. The only problem is, Zane now holds the key to their release. Conquer the Kairu episode 16 Redakai: Team Stax discovers Zane has become more powerful.

C said that Mr. Team Stax unknowingly locate Lokar’s new lair.

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Lokar takes on Baoddai’s monster Palladium, a monster so powerful it is only used in extreme circumstances. Next Time on Redakai: Find out in the next episode of Redakai: He’ll have to call you back later.

Lokar 17 episodes, Besides, I remember that whenever she got mad at anyoneshe couldn’t stay mad for more than a couple hours. They beat the bad guys. One was a boy who looked almost exactly like Ky, the other was a girl who had brown hair and violet eyes. They bring him to Lokar, where he takes back his X-Reader from Zane.

Redakai season 1

Season 2 Episode 25 – The End of the Shadow: Maya and Ky battle in the finals, but none of them are on their best. After getting beat again by Team Stax and gotten reprimanded by Lokar, the Imperiez decides to steal the Kairu in the monastery in order to impress Kaifu. Conquer the Kairu episode 14 Redakai: