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If there is, can you point me to the right direction? Ive done searched google to the point that my modem is about to explode and send the universe into another dimension. I wanted to be as detailed as possible so here are the steps I took: All the h files I tested worked with subs and played smoothly. Omxplayer and subtitles Mon Jul 23, 6: Hi when i am using omx player myvideo. You can install it using:

Some general information about my Pi: I dont know, just speculating. I noticed you didn’t change the memory split with raspi-config, so I think the problem is that there is not enough memory in the GPU for subtitles for certain files. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Because I can use keyboard controls to control the video and information displays in the command line on the display connected to the RPi. So the problem im having is when I run the command. If not you can install it using:.

I just thought I should reply in case someone stumbles here and sees misinformation.

Playing Videos on the Raspberry Pi Command Line

When displaying video, the whole display will be raspian as output. Omxplayer radpbian installed on the latest Raspbian image so you may already have it installed. Too bad the audio and video desyncs after a few hours for me. I will post my findings as soon as I am able. Greenonline 2, 4 12 Omxplayer and subtitles Sun Jul 22, 6: This is HW accelerated, and can play back many popular audio and video file formats. Is there an “official forum” for the omxplayer or a website where I could ask this directly from the guys who made the omxplayer?


However it’s a major pain to raspbiann this way so after some searching I came up with this line to put in a shell script so I can just use that with the “Open with” GUI option of Raspbian:.

I am reasonably sure that this is the root of raspbisn problem. Hi when i am using omx player myvideo. Can you check if the file plays subtitles for you?

raspbian – omxplayer alternative or subtitle support – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

I made sure I am using the latest omxplayer-build. Kodi does a good job with most formats.

After that, I can see everything again. This only happens when I use the “-r”-command without it, I can see parts of my desktop when the video is playing, so it’s annoying to watch without using the command. Hi All, I want to control the omxplayer using c script , How can i do this? I really appreciate you trying to help me out, especially since you seem to be just the person I was looking for!

The subtitles are soft-coded properly, since I tested them in Windows-environment. The list of key bindings can be displayed using omxplayer –keys: Here’s the link for the short-clip: This is a full list of options available in the build from 23rd Septemberdisplayed using omxplayer –help:.

OMXPlayer: An accelerated command line media player – Raspberry Pi Documentation

With vlc I right click on the screen and select the preferred subs. Just an accent, to the machine, nothing over-whelming. All subtitles have been. It can even play streams and omxpalyer some ffmpeg style URL options.

On a semi-related note: Or am I just doing something wrong again and the answer is really simple and obvious? I’m glad I asked instead of wasting time trying to figure it out myself.

If your name of your mp4 is too long type the raspbixn word than press Tab and it will fill in the rest.


OMXPlayer: An accelerated command line media player

Anyways, I’ll try to get the clips uploaded as soon as possible. Omxplayer and subtitles Mon Jul 23, 8: But, when the session is ended, the video will stop too. However it’s a major pain to use this way so after some searching I came up with this line to put in a shell script so I can just use that with the “Open with” GUI option of Raspbian: Omxplayer and subtitles Tue Aug 14, 9: It looks like your typing the wrong name. My guess is due to a lack of parallelization omxpalyer hardware decoding.

You could build your own with this enabled, or ask someone to post a prebuilt version. The delay was “too long” for subtihles short attention span, which is why I used the “scene-skipping” to “counter” the delay from toggling.

However, when I try to run Doctor Who S05E01 with soft-coded subtitles made by mkvtoolnixthe subtitles just don’t appear.

Whenever I press “q” to quit, the video ends as it’s supposed to, but my screen remains black and the only way out is to blindly write “sudo reboot” to the terminal.

The subtitles are visible in the terminal and update as they are supposed to, so why are omxplaysr they “popping up” on the video? Some general information about my Pi: