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She tells Satnaam that Adarsh has returned. Baa tells Bharti that it is Mona’s fault. Anukalp gets some food from the shop but Mona stops them from eating it. Kalavati informs Vimmi that Daarji has requested Anukalps family to stay with them. Goldie asks Mona why she is not giving her consent to their marriage. When they ask him about the kind of girl he has in mind, he looks at Mona’s portrait and indirectly mentions that he would like to marry a girl from the Bedi family.

Karan explains that although Satnaam literally begged for forgiveness, Goldie’s parents are sternly against Mona and Goldie’s engagement. Goldie lies to Mona that Anukalp was worried about reaching office. She mentions that Mona has to be coerced into meeting him. Share this video with your family and friends. Goldie gets angry but Mona asks him to ignore it. Satnaam and Karan return from Goldie’s place.

When Gurnaam tells Satnaam that Mona should be ready for the wedding, Satnaam asks him to stay out milayii his daughter’s matter. Babuji refuses to take the homeopathic medicines offered by Daarji.

The story was about a Sikh Punjabi girl named Mona meeting her dream boy Anukalp, who belongs to a Gujarati family. Satnaam tells Gurnaam that Mona should get married now. Even the Bedi family joins in.

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Goldie and Vartika talk of having a Dandiya dance competition between the two families. Anukalp firmly refuses to influence Mona’s decision but asks her to follow her heart. Rano walks out in a huff and Satnaam questions Mona. Meanwhile, Mona is busy talking to Anukalp. Vimmi goes to Mona’s room and is moved to tears when Mona weeps uncontrollably.

Satnaam informs Karan about Adarshs threat. Vimmi is hurt by the accusations about Mona. Mona sees Anukalp getting into Vartikas car and decides to decline if Anukalp offers a lift. Sweetie calls up Parmeet but Uodi replies that since Satnaam and his father are still in conversation, epixode cannot talk and hangs up. Bharti teaches Vartika the significance of the festival of Navratri. Mona chases the auto-rickshaw spisode asks its driver to stop.


Ram Milaayi Jodi Bing.

Ram Milayi Jodi – 1st March 2011 – Part1

Bharti is elated but Kalpesh is shocked. He reasons with himself that the most important thing for him is to make ra, for his own family. Rano accuses Goldie of misleading the girls of their family.

Anukalp agrees to get married as per Bharti’s choice. Vartika arrives and offers to help in arranging everything for dandiya, only if Bharti approves.

Anukalp is surprised when Mona gets down at a park. Iodi comes into the house looking for some help as Babuji is not well.

Rano retorts that Mona is over-friendly with boys and so she tricked Goldie into falling in love with her. Hetal is sad as she will not be able to play Dandiya traditional dance form of Gujarat. Mona then informs Anukalp that she is on a date with Goldie.

Anukalp explains to Vartika that he is avoiding Mona to please Bharti as she has been very upset since her arrival in Delhi. Anukalp promises to be at Mona’s side whenever she needed him. Satnaam gets angry and asks Rano to stay within her limits. He adds that Sweeties in-laws shouldnt even get a whiff of Adarsh. Hetal is hurt and cries her heart out to Bharti.

At the haldi application of turmeric paste ceremony, Kalavati applies the paste on Sweetie and demands money and sari in return. Amrit is hurt and goes away. Amrit gets upset when Satnaam tells her that the grooms uncle wants sweets packed in silver boxes. She asks Anukalp to bring sweets while returning from office. Kalpesh tells Kodi to talk mmilayi Anukalp. Gurnaam tells Parmeet that Mona needs to be consulted first.


Baa forgives Vimmi even though Bharti is still hurt about the incident. Amrit tries to make Karan and Sweetie understand that Gurnaam is not wrong as he wishes only well for them. Anukalp apologizes to Mona on Bhartis behalf.

Mona lies to everyone that Sweetie is suffering from pre-wedding anxiety. Mona is very happy when she sees Sweetie and Parmeet. Goldie tells Satnaam that Sweetie has been very lucky for Parmeet as he has got a great business deal in London.

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The whole family is upset to see Adarsh. Fortunately, Bharti doesn’t notice them. Kalavati informs Vimmi that Daarji has requested Anukalps family to stay with them. She is confused whether she should listen to her heart or ramm her father.

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He tries to talk to Sweetie but Sweetie is upset. But Vimmi asks her to forget such trivial matters. To their relief, Gurnaam informs Daarji that the door has been opened. Anukalp takes Mona to his room to shows her his books and photos.