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With the popufurs, you’re either one or the other. The company then went in a completely different direction and offered “fantasy” toys for things like dragons and mythical creatures exclusively for several years with nothing “realistic” offered. For three months we were dead quiet, after years of unpredictability: Since Rainfurrest was held in Seattle, part of the Pacific Northwest which is known to be the Babyfur capitol of the world, dozens and dozens of diaper -clad manchildren would waddle on down to the hotel year after year and literally shit the place up. Growing up moving between Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States, he often found inspiration from his surroundings, which he attempted to document in humorous ways: I don’t know why. Because of those emails, the Spokane Convention Center added a dress code and a damage deposit to our contract, both of which we gladly accepted.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Not only that, but they were aware that there had been issues in Hence, RainFurrest never occurred. Unfortunately, was the last RainFurrest convention to occur. That is further explained in the video that we posted below. The RainFurrest holiday staff party was in a few days. But from where I sat, it looks like the result of years of unwillingness to fix the small problems, until they became too large to ignore, and too large to repair.

Our bylaws required us to hold a convention each year, but we could rewrite them to remove that requirement and wait for to try again. That individual was simply not returning letter or no letter. RainFurrest was a Furry convention that was held in Seattle annually from until Super Collie spuper colly: We could work with our sister convention, Furlandia, rrama co-brand their next con as RainFurrest 9.

It sounds to me like the leaders of this organization tolerated a significant amount of horrendous behavior… and the culture of the organization suffered dramatically as a result. Kaze is still in her darma, she’s advanced the ronin Tiger’s story through an illustrated radio drama, Kaze: Why can’t people use normal human shaped dildos.


It would cut our attendance in half at best. Thus, drug use and lack of security plus all of the vandalism that occurred at the hotel greatly damaged the reputation of the RainFurrest convention, its attendees and its board.

Even the posters we put up around the hotel for the con game got vandalized or stolen.

Whatever Happened to RainFurrest? | Costuming, Cosplay & Costume Clubs

A final damage report is still being compiled. While the problems were likely only due to a small number of attendees, it was enough to harm the entire convention.

rainfurfest In hindsight, I wish that I had dug into those reports more than I did, but I admit that in the year and nine months that I was on the board, I only acknowledged those reports and moved on. The real truth, though, is that one individual only had that kind of power because RainFurrest had such an unstable history in the first place.

What’s new Rainfurrsst posts New profile posts Latest activity. I did no analysis of my own beyond the cursory discussion in our board meetings. Starting inRainFurrest began seeing significant damage numbers in its post-con damage reports from the venue.

Unfortunately, some attendees chose to ignore this prohibition by the hotel and used cannabis anyway, along with a variety of other prohibited drugs and inhalants. I spent the rest of the holiday party doing my rainfurrext to give every staff member that needed it a chance to speak up about how they felt about the silence. And each year, that number rose.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. RedHyena completed his first fursuit Kenoa late and quickly became obsessed with fursuiting. Furry Fandom and Drama General. It seems to me from what I can tell about furries, for whatever reason they almost always have rainfurrest fetishes, whether it’s diapers, hardcore BDSM, vore, or any number of insane paraphilias.


As a result, it’s unlikely there will be a Rainfurrestas by this point there is enough shit out there online that even a McDonald’s manager would probably refuse to host a gathering under the RainFurrest name.

RainFurrest 2016 Post-Mortem

RainFurrest has a long history of being bad at communication — internally to its volunteers and staff, and externally to its attendees and the public. This site uses cookies. Some of the things in this video are exaggerated, but it still gives an idea as to what was occurring:. What matters is not what happens, but how the community again, people decide to handle it. They refused to sign draa renewal for When I get home I’ll post some sauce.

It is very unlikely the convention will come back any time soon, largely because those running it don’t comprehend that when hordes of manchildren srama involved you need hordes of ADULTS around to supervise.

When they started to accept that the options were Spokane or nothing, however, Spokane started looking more attractive. The convention in general was routinely plagued by two main problem areas, the first being an overly large influx of largely unsupervised manchildren mixed with alcohol and marijuana use and the second being hate breeder types who want to shit all over the manchildren for being what they are, to the point of sabotaging fire alarms in an effort to get the con forcibly shut down.

I’m sure furry conventions are like Spring Break for furry fetish shit. Well yeah, no duh. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.