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Email Required, but never shown. Paint attributes See also: Map for the axis on the canvas. The fill algorithm simply connects the first and the last curve point to the baseline. Since I’m not a fan of curious magic numbers I simply use 1. The curve will take the ownership of the symbol, hence the previously set symbol will be delete by setting a new one. Note Usually canvasRect is contentsRect of the plot canvas.

Please note that scaleDraw has to be created with new and will be deleted by the corresponding QwtScale member like a child object. Everybody interested in can see attachment. If Auto deletion is on all attached plot items will be deleted in the destructor of QwtPlotDict. The default implementation does nothing. See also baseline , setBrush , setStyle. Xfy Draws x as a function of y. Return the current paint attributes.

QwtPlotItem object implementing the guiqwt. See also legendqwt. I followed the example of simple plot in Qwt examples to plot a curve. In Qt5 the default pen width is 1. Draw the complete curve. Each keyword argument is either the name of a Qt property or a Qt signal. crve

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! Return the current curve attributes See also: Only a couple of very basic filtering algos are implemented.

QwtPlotCurve Class Reference

The following pllt says vurve you to Uwe for this useful post: NoCurve Don’t draw a curve. Window of all color groups of the palette of the canvas. See also penbrush. Set the curve’s drawing style. See also setAxisMaxMinorqwt. Curves, markers and can be attached to disabled axes, and transformation of screen coordinates into values works as normal.


If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. See also setAxisScaleqwt. PenStyle — Pen style. Where do you expect it to appear if it is empty?

Qwy default value is on. PaintFiltered Tries to reduce the data that has to be painted, by sorting out duplicates, or paintings outside the visible area. QwtPlotItem — Plot item on bool — When true attach the item, otherwise detach it. Results 1 to 10 of Note The legend will be shrunk if it would need more space than the given ratio. X or Y coordinate in the plotting region corresponding to the value.

QwtLegendData is basically a list of QVariants that makes it possible to overload and reimplement legendData to return almost any type of information, that is understood by the receiver that acts as the legend. Read axes styles from section and options one option for each axis in the order left, right, bottom, top.

Bounding rectangle of the series or an invalid rectangle, when no series is stored. I think it looks ugly when plot in missed points has a dip to X axis when missed Y value is zero, for example.

This is different from a dotted line see setPen. Applications that like to add individual plot items better overload pllot. Curve without samples is invisible. See also isVisibleshowhide. Sign up using Facebook. The interpretation of the baseline depends on the CurveType. See also titlelegendIconqwt.

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Sticks Draw vertical sticks from a baseline which is defined by setBaseline. I had to implement some tweaks to get this to work in qwt The default implementation is made for QwtPlotCurve and updates a QwtLegendItembut an item could be represented by any type of widget, by overloading legendItem and updateLegend.


The autoscaling flag has no effect until updateAxes is executed called by replot. This method signature has been introduced to hide xurve incompatibility. Warning drawCanvas calls drawItems what is also used for printing.

Email Required, but never shown. Draw the line part without symbols of a curve interval. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Everybody interested in can see attachment. Construct a 2D curve plotting widget this class inherits guiqwt. QwtScaleDraw — Object responsible for drawing scales.

With this map pixel coordinates can translated to plot coordinates and vice versa. Since the value 0.

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If the autoReplot option is not set which is the default or if any curves are attached to raw data, the plot has to be refreshed explicitly in order to make changes visible.

When an axis is disabled, this plt means that it is not visible on the screen. Specify an attribute for drawing the curve. Warning This function changes the font of the tick labels, not of the axis title.