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Umair Alvi describes that Pakistan television drama trial toward downfall because it loses the credibility by audience. Pakistan television drama has the capacity to bring revolution in building positive attitude. The contents were boosted by the media practitioners. Drama of Pakistan television is been changed with the passage of time. Dressings of females are very captivating in PTV dramas. Its effects are mostly negative though some positive one is also noticed. Does the need that have been changed with the passage of time are tackled by PTV drama, in contents, theme, background setting, physical appearance of actors, dressing styles, interactions etc. Findings of content analysis present that Pakistan television drama is losing its credibility for which it was known in the past.

In 21 st century drama, Background music was very catch and gripping than 80s drama. What are the frequencies of this change? Research question is the central element of both quantitative and qualitative research. Along with the findings, it was a survey study. Profit line is the basic point for the media practitioners. The drama of to and the drama of to

PTV presents different attitudes.

It was the findings that government should make the policy of PTV as the free media from official suppression. Although some of the studies focus on state run broadcasting but forget the important dimension of Pakistan television state run broadcasting drama. Waris has not a theme song of the drama.

In which, he describes that the drama on PTV covers 7. The study is about post marriage problems faced by women. Drama played a dynamic role to give awareness and creating positive attitude among audience for betterment of society and social reformation. The dramas of s in presentation of background setting were mostly simple and if luxurious, the levels of ninte and simple setting were almost equal.

In which dgama factors were noted in the age communication and foundation of darma is termed as the creeping cycle theory of desensitization.

Does Pakistan television drama of 21 st century is more affiliated with advancement of visualization and audio effect techniques than PTV drama of s?


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By considering the results of coding, the conclusion is that drama of s is not as much supportive to the situation of actors as the drama of 21 st century. The period of study is defined in two phases.

Pttv music in olden drama of s is almost none.

Drama serial ankahi was having 8. The inquiry in this research is about to find out the drama characteristics of s and 21 st avam drama of Pakistan television.

Does the access in infrastructure resulted 21 st century drama modernized, westernized, glamorous or civilized?

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This drama has a particular theme song which added to the attraction of drama. August 28, Citation: These statistics opens the sphere before us that change is ultimate in Pakistan television drama in its presentation of language. One group said that it is good for entertainment while the other group were lapsed viewer who said that its programs are not so surprising and thought provoking to captivate attention of audience.

Drama serial sawan was without any moral or any purpose to contribute for the betterment of society.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. These figures showed that jeans and shirts and other western wears in males dressing are now common compare to s drama of Pakistan television.

Does Pakistan television drama of 21 st century is more affiliated with advancement of technology and audio effect techniques than PTV drama of s? Pakistan television has not inhailed glamour in it whereas the NTM gets these elements due to which Pakistan television gets superiority over NTM dramas.

This research work has find out the real essence of Pakistan television drama of s and 21 st century. Pakistan television drama plays a dynamic role and participates in giving awareness to audience about certain issues through its contents.


Drama serial sawan has acam In drama serial bint-eadam, And why do people lapse after supporting the station for years? One reason of star plus drama popularity is its viewer ship in the entire world where Urdu-Hindi community lives and audience of both genders male and female.

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Pakistan television has family channel policy. Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance.

About PTV s drama, it is said that this was the best drama of world. Biinte your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Pakistan television drama producers are very professionally trained. Do the background sets of PTV dramas are responsive to our local culture or exceed in glamorous infrastructure?

Some of the other reasons for liking Indian drama are hobbies, interests, and personalities. It was supposed to present real characters in real settings. Drama is a unique tool to explore and express human feeling. This marketization has moved people from art work, church and courts.

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Drama entertainment in Pakistan is the major element of broadcasting which played a revolutionary role in education, building of social institutions and giving awareness regarding health and social norms etc through Pakistan television. Whether 21 st century drama of Pakistan television verdicts domestic stories than social issues based stories?

The researcher focused on content of Pakistan television drama. Findings of content analysis present that Pakistan television drama is losing its credibility for which it was known in the past.

Content axam is a method of studying objectives and quantitative manner for the purpose of measuring variables.