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However, there a number of recorded cases of this happening in real life, and it is the result of an actual social psychological phenomenon called the Bystander Effect. I just can’t with this. The Military Drones in the second season have gatling guns mounted on them as their main weapons. While she hates the Sibyl System and hopes that, someday, it will be replaced with something better , she also goes along with it because she sees the order it imposes as something far better than the chaos that Makishima has to offer. Lesser of Two Evils: No offence plz take word “you” as some exemple of situation according to someone with same opinion -Akane must kill shinya This show is liberty-negative it’s not about doing what you believe or justice but doing what is right even if it will cost everything you have. Although the show starts off very dark, after Akane not being able to save her close friend Yuki, and watching Yuki get her throat slit is definitely a disturbing moment which helps not only enforce Anyone Can Die , but the tone of the show as a whole becomes even darker afterwards. Masaoka had lost his since a long time ago and had it replaced by a prosthetic.

Glad that Akane decided to take some initiative and shoot Kougami herself. I wonder where was the announcement of this change? This is a futuristic society with robot drones to help the police. We’ll find out next episode. Karanomori and Masaoka FTW! A more subtle example. Shown in full detail from the first episode.

The final episode has a shot of what appears to be Kougami hiding out somewhere with a copy of Marcel Proust ‘s Swann’s Wayand a cut to the words “The Chain of Justice never ends—the system— never ends.

The Enforcers are often compared to predators, specifically hunting dogs, hunting their prey when going after their fellow criminals.

Paxs to the Sybil System, Kogami would have to die. The name of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental. The author himself admitted on Twitter that the real life process of plastination is much more complicated than just soaking the body parts in a vat for a few days.


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Season 2 seems to be providing this for Yayoi and Mika. When the trunk opens, she looked relieved that one of Akane’s colleagues is going to rescue her The Dominator pistols are massive, easily the size of a small submachinegun or shotgun by real-world standards. The society is already corrupted.

Regardless of the change of animation studios, season 2 episode 6 to 8 still suffer this most especially on the faces.

And she doesn’t refuse! The brains are the Sibyl system. My opinion is that it’ll be sweet because of the feels xD. When Ginoza and Kougami tell Yayoi they require a nose animefushigj hers in their investigation, she compares Enforcers to dogs, since they’re bound to an Inspector in order to avoid rehab or execution.

Then we have Akane come in and save the day, it’s awesome to see how she went from this super nooby to someone who can just think things through like this and manage to make it all turn out alright. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Many viewers were skeptical at psycgo a man could get away with beating a woman to death in the middle of a crowded street with nobody attempting to help, citing it as unrealistic.

Apparently, Ernie Ball Inc. Built up of both returning members and a few replacementsthe team is joined by: We recommend that you log off TV Tropes and seek mental care immediately.

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No offence plz take word “you” as some exemple of situation according to someone with same opinion -Akane must kill shinya This show is liberty-negative it’s not about doing what you believe or justice but doing what is right even if it will cost everything you have. It has never been clouded in the slightest, not even once. The boss of the drone factory overlooks the bullying of his employees because it allows the bullies to relieve stress.

However, if the target is qualified to be too dangerous, a less-friendlier mode comes into place Kogami plays the Lenny role and Akane will have to be the one to kill him before allowing those who don’t understand the situation to do so.


Animefushigj technology is everywhere, security robots are a common sight and people’s souls can be quantified. From the second season: So the franchise appears aimed at an audience best described as “young adult” of both genders.

When you stopped believing in the new order. They also store data on what appear to be floppy disks — a device that was dropped after the first series. So angry that the Chief is still alive, well technically not, it’s just another mechanical body, but you know what I mean. As a matter of fact, the official languages of the Public Safety Bureau appear to be English and Japanese, as evidenced in episode 2 of the first season when Akane writes a report about the previous day’s events and the text on her monitor is in both English and Japanese.

This series provides examples of:

Akane in particular has a Jellyfish motif, which is emphasized by her personal avatar and jellyfish decorations in her room: Good Is Not Nice: Really good writing in this series. I was expecting Kogami to meet Kagari inside the safe house. Season one ends with the Sibyl System still intact, Kougami on the run, and Akane still an Inspector. In just two episodes of season 2, more people are killed than the entirety of season 1.

The PSB has their own therapist who helps inspectors from being stressed and latent criminals to lower their crime coefficient.

Later on, Masaoka dying to save his son, Ginoza, who lives but loses his arm. Season 2 has more action scenes than the previous one due to the opponents who employed more aggressive tactics such as bombings and shootouts.

They measure a person’s Psycho-Pass, determine whether they’re in need of therapy or unsalvageable, and enter the appropriate mode. She didn’t learn her lesson after getting smashed in the face with a book by Shogo I guess Other notes- -I would’ve slept with Shion Kogami and not just because Miyuki Sawashiro voices her: