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Mar 27, , I completed both matterboards, but when I did the quest the left path was blocked by rocks. Event Fields will display in quests and can be accessed to start the event. During the player exploration, a Darker moves on oppposite path searching for something and the player search yields nothing useful at the end of their exploration however the matterboard sends player back in time and instead decide to follow the darkers to see what they are looking for. The real player appears in time to see Claris Claes stabbed and player surprised to see themselves which reveals to be Persona. Blue Nodes and Gold Nodes. I looked around and saw red force fields blocking some other paths, so I thought I was being forced to go north from the intersection every time. Apr 26, ,

Are you Ready For Episode 4? I hope that point is not too far in, I hate having two different story lines going on in my mind. The player finally locates Matoi and battle her, winning the fight but could not finish her off and decide to let Matoi to kill them. Jun 23, , If you can even reach the rock, yes it is breakable, otherwise that path is blocked off by a red gate. So maybe not, especially when trying to bring new players in.

Basic techniques and PAs are excessively common. Adjacent to any unlocked Nodes are Nodes with small cube-like designs within; these indicate that epiaode Nodes can be unlocked.

Blue Nodes and Gold Nodes. Now I can’t remember exactly, but with the later story missions, if you had completed only one of the two routes, then it would only be a half of a crown next to it.

With the power of matterboard, the player refuses to not join Persona to kill Matoi and duel Persona, winning the battle. How do we get the second matter board? Both of these chapter 1 paths are blocked until you unlock them on the matter board and I don’t think you get the first story quest until you get the gold orbs on the first board anyway.

You also have to complete this quest twice for chapter 2. Nodes with a lock icon on them cannot be opened until the Nodes adjacent to them are opened.


Talking about the story quests itself, not the stuff in the MB Seriously, I really dont want to repeat that marathon level in the end of Episode 2 ever again.

Site News Forum Gallery. The player goes down to Naberius and, with assistance of ARKS, battle through corrupted Natives and Darkers whilst the Six Pillars use their Genesis weapon power to confine and seal Matoi to one location.

Retrieved from ” https: Whilst progressing through the ARKs missions and investigating the abnormalities, discover Luther plan to become omniessence involving Xion as well altering timeline save two important people. The player will show the artifact to Zieg and his motivation returns, decide to assist the player in rebuilding the weapon and request the player to search for other parts. By kenzero in forum PSO2 General. Pray tell where did you see anything about PAs getting changed? So check if the story quest has a red exclamation mark meaning new missionblank meaning either attempted and failed or none of the major goals successfully done for that mission, you can get this by going straight ahead in the first story quest or half a crown I think, which means first of the two done.

The player recovers on the ship and is contacted by Persona to meet up at the favourite location known to Matoi, agreeing to fight together against Matoi.

To clarify, basically after we progress through episode 4, we can choose to go back to episode to get stuff from the MBs and also probably redo the story quests yes? All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

Matterboard – Arks-Visiphone

Matter Boards are a story mechanic in which the player is able to progress the Story. The player will encounter Second Claris Claes who mistake the player for a Darker due to Clarissa then runs off to search for more Darkers.

Apr 26, It took too long to figure out half of the quests were completed by just talking to sierra. So maybe not, especially when trying to bring new players in. Characters with Episode 3 [Matter Boards] prior to this update can continue their EP 3 progress in the same manner as before.

Are they nerfing Over End? I beat the story quest, but the symbol next to the quest the crown that shows you’ve cleared the quest is have filled in and half still gray. I should’ve worded it better, I meant I completed the entire Matter Board, and I’m trying to get tobut it only gives me the option for ARKS next operation takes the player to a planet called lillipa and with help of another ARK Fourier discover small inhabitants called lillipians willing assists the ARKS and finds the second artifacts, collecting it.


The player and Matoi will reach the core but are too late in stopping Luther from merging with Xion however Luther is not able to obtain the powers and in his fury he will become a Dark Falz Luther and during the fight changes into Dark Falz Angel which the player defeats.

Those are the key orbs that progress the main story-line along and help you unlock future matter boards. Oh my god why would you do that after the first time?

You will advance through the story using the [Matter Board]. These technics must instead be obtained from the Photon Drop Exchange Shop.

After defeating Matoi, the plater hesitates killing her and Persona appearing behind her, holding her giving the player chance to stab her. I’m doing Episode 2 matter board I’m on the second chapter, I completed the board and did the story quest but the woman I usually talk too to get to the next chapter isn’t there. Once this goes live, Weapons Badge will no longer be obtainable.

For story board, see Po2 Board. Wait at least 5 minutes before quoting me; I’ll most likely edit my post within that e;isode.

Matter Board 7

Above all else, finish the yellow orbs on each matter board. You can always just mindlessly rush it by skipping the cutscenes and rewatch it later in your My Room.

I got stuck for awhile because I only completed it one way. Feb 25, ,