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Position the knitting needle to the left of the hook and on top of the provisional yarn leading to the ball. The final pieces are falling into place I, for instance, can happily knit projects without a pattern, which some skilled knitters find very impressive. Susan and I have been busy uploading more video tutorials to my Youtube Channel. Wow, I could actually ditch my current project for this cast on, woohoo! I have never seen that.

With a Temporary yarn brightly contrasting to the Main colour , make a slip knot near the end. This is life changing. I hated it also. Also receive daily new post notifications. I can see how it would be handy to not wonder if your stitches are somehow wonky through the backside of the chains. I can hardly wait to meet the campers in Chester later this month.

I think our participants will be delighted with what they will find in their Lucy bags! Leave ln Comment Cancel reply. I cannot crochet a chain for the life of me. Still better than taking a scissors to your knitting! However, I tremble at the prospect of fair isle, steeking, or any lace pattern more complicated than feather and fan.

Thanks to you and Lucy N. Need to get some of those Lucy DVDs. And Kay, and Angela. The most incredibly useful technique for the blossoming knitter is the Provisional Neatbby Cast On. Kay, you are too funny!

This project presented quite a challenge for me as I was working provisinoal a rather non-Lucy palette! On the knitting needle! I have a knitting project coming up and it called for the provisional cast-on. Also included are several audio commentaries from me and relevant technique clips from my videos. I learned this cast on from Lily Chin in a class last year.


I will be home again by mid-November, just in time for Christmas preparations! That is, what is easy for one person really challenges someone else. I was delighted to have my arm out of its plaster earlier than the doctors had predicted; I am doing my exercises but trying not to overuse it! I only did one of the wormy, fiddly, snippy, messy provisional cast ons before I went looking for a better way.

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Love your website and books. Thanks for drawing attention to something I never would have found or figured out on my own. We are already receiving lots of positive feedback about the app provixional via email to Tradewinds and on the Knit Companion user group on Ravelry. When you subscribe to my Youtube Channelyou will be informed every time I upload a new tutorial.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Thanks for sharing, this is wonderful. Also receive daily new post notifications. Yay for knitting geniuses everywhere. Lucy is so great at explaining and demonstrating knitterly things.

It was very educational to have temporarily lost my independence and I hope to absorb the lessons learned, but for now I am just happy to have it back in service and am itching to get out on my bike! Just got the book City Jeatby by Cherri House.

Happiest of stitches to you all, Lucy. Thanks for the link. Welcome to the club! This is so simple. Early Tips for Bang Out a Revolution. I have used this for years and just love it. After that, I will be heading out on a much larger trip that will take me all the way from Ontario to Minnesota and Kentucky to Massachusetts and Florida! Pure genius, and yet another example of something truly useful I have learned from your blog. Knitting as an Act of Resilience.


It is one of those things that seems like magic when you do it. The final quilt blocks began with a squarish shape adhering to Gwen Marston ‘s delightfully fluid principles and then grew by my adding triangles on each corner.

Oh. Snap. – Mason-Dixon Knitting

Looking for a new heatby in Mason-Dixon books, which one should I start! Well, thanks to kind Raveler Angelathe scales have fallen from my extremely scaly eyes: See my Where’s Lucy page for more details. Thank you, Lucy, and thank you, Kay for sharing the video!! I have since used it as a provisional CO, so that the air does not casf blue, first as I pick up stitches through the chain, and then when I attempt to unravel the chain.