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Does the Commission have any information regarding the relationship between European companies and those operating in the Rana Plaza building? Unfortunately, the lack of spot checks and continuous monitoring by local authorities of breeders and falconers who use this rare species causes the illegal market in these birds to grow and, as a result, increased thefts from nests. How many cases involving the persecution of religious minorities in Syria is she aware of? Partenariato transatlantico sul commercio e gli investimenti tra l’Unione europea e gli Stati Uniti d’America. Vindt de Commissie de geschetste zaken voorbeelden van maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemerschap? Homogenising EU directives on product placement in audiovisual works. In June, the European Union will enter into negotiations to conclude a free trade agreement with the United States.

Does the Commission have any information regarding the relationship between European companies and those operating in the Rana Plaza building? If not, can the Commission specify whether this point of view is compatible with carrying out all the specific duties of the function of an EU commissioner? Regulating the use of copper-based products in agriculture. The Commission is fully aware of the sensitivities of certain sectors. Preventing the destabilisation of Libyan democracy. The Commission is committed to further pursue the privileged cooperation with Iceland in all areas of mutual interest through its traditional partnership within the framework of the European Economic Area Agreement, as well as through other ongoing cooperation frameworks. Dangers of ionising radiation and transposition of EU legislation in Italy. European programme to protect informants.

One paragraph of the proposed amendment that prescribes the use of non-refillable olive oil containers in catering establishments met with widespread criticism in the European media. What measures will the Commission take regarding companies that persistently profit from this situation? Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Health checks on imports of hazelnuts from Turkey. What further action will she take to protect volunteers on the ground, given that yet another volunteer from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent has been killed recently, bringing the total number of volunteers killed since the start of the conflict to 18?

The Commission regularly publicly endorses these approaches, and publicly presents its own initiatives in these areas.

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Indeed, it has not even begun construction. Fitting osservanza alarms to child restraint systems in motor vehicles. These funds have been used to benefit such companies for years, and information has recently come to light on the alleged payments they have made to the leaders of the party administering the projects.


Amendment to the Implementing Regulation on marketing standards ceseha olive oil. United States’ direct access to Google, Facebook and Apple users’ data.

The Indian Government has threatened to ban European airlines from operating on its territory if the European Union takes measures of that kind against Indian carriers which oppose the new carbon tax introduced by the European Union. Does the Commission agree with the Party for Freedom PVV that incidents of this nature, following the same pattern, should always be thoroughly investigated in connection with each other?

An application for reimbursement of the cost at the rate applicable in the country of stay can then be made to the competent health institution in either the country of stay or the country which issued the EHIC. Il progetto di regolamento di esecuzione recante modifica al regolamento di esecuzione UE n. Er werd traangas gebruikt, verschillende mensen liepen verwondingen aan het hoofd op, een persoon brak zelfs een been. The Commission has not received any formal request from the Member States for reduction of the licence fees.

Estes projetos podem ser consultados em:. Exports to China had been very favourable at a time when the wine sector needs stability, given the uncertainty it faces in regard to the security of vine planting rights and the instability of prices during the most recent marketing years.

If China carries out its threat, what type of action could the Commission take in the World Trade Organisation?

Volgens het verantwoordelijke onderzoeksorgaan in Ierland vereisten deze gevallen geen formeel veiligheidsonderzoek in de zin van Verordening nr. Wat zijn de gevolgen voor het onderhandelingsproces m. In other words, it increases one fundamental macroeconomic imbalance — that of unemployment — under the false pretext of reducing others.

New attack on Italian products: What proportion of European Union olive oil producers would not be capable of producing and marketing such non-reusable olive-oil containers. How does the Commission view the fact that the IAA has not investigated the incidents in connection with each other? Does the Commission have any information as to the prevalence of adulterated olive oil in restaurants and the extent to which consumers are thus misled?


According to reports that have come to light today, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania has signed a fisheries agreement with the Russian Federation for its pelagic fleet. The resolution, which will be put to the vote in July and which has already won great support in Parliament, proposes that ballot papers should state which European party national parties belong to, as well as name their candidate for Commission President.

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No specific Croatian request has been received by the Commission concerning the use of this denomination. In fact, many of the responses provided stated that the law does not require them to carry out these checks but only to check for aflatoxins.

Ripristino ambientale a rischio di un impianto sequestrato, contenente rifiuti speciali pericolosi, ubicato tra Marcon VE e Mogliano Veneto TV. Regulating the use of the product Rotenone in agriculture.

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Ossevanza of the flooding in Central Europe on agriculture. In view of all the above points and the succession of incidents, does the Commission agree with the PVV that Ryanair is endangering safety through its corporate culture and use of fear to control staff and that the IAA progtammazione be accused of negligence for failing to institute any critical and coordinated investigation into the incidents? Unnecessarily violent tactics being employed by the Turkish Government in response to protests.

Delegated acts under the regulation concerning harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products. In addition, both the Commission and the EEAS are in contact with the ILO and the Government of Bangladesh to see how to best address these issues and how best to ensure workers’ rights, including freedom of association and health and ceeena at work. It has brought about a series of substantial changes to the operations and control of various fleets fishing out of the Canary Islands or operating in the port of Las Palmas.

Si apprende dai mezzi di informazione che il mantenimento programmazioje questo nome, molto simile a quello del vino italiano Prosecco, sarebbe stato giustamente negato dalla Commissione. Respuesta conjunta de la Sra.