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The Defendant had no right whatsoever in the said Tancho trademark in Indonesia or overseas; the Plaintiff also explained that in April the representative of Tancho, Co. An example of cultural heritage based industry is the batik industry. In the event that a ministry fails to undertake budget planning and allocation measures for the advancement of culture, it can be assumed that such ministry does not fulfill its mandate under the law as part of the executive body. Technological measure defined as: IPR system ensure the freedom of every individual to have IPR, however it must also consider the interest of society, particularly society that least advantaged, which can not survive without special treatment. Copyright as stated in Article 1 number 1 of Law No. The dimensions of taste and intention embodied in the beauty of the work of copyright are really a consideration and justification of the need for 88 http: The author has a video recording of MegalitikumKuantumin the form of softcopy stored on hard disk.

Provided that such products are developed with adequate quality, they can potentially become attractive to other nations. According to Van Apeldoorn , the fair rule is the rule that gives the balance between the interests of person and society that are protected. The freedom to make choices becomes open in the sense that to each member of society is given the freedom to decide how he or she will accept the laws and institutions that apply to him the community. Appropriate measures, provided that they are consistent with the provisions of this Agreement, may be needed to prevent the abuse of intellectual property rights by right holders or the resort to practices which unreasonably restrain trade or adversely affect the international transfer of technology It is clear that this Article gives each member of WTO have a possibility to adapt measures necessary to protect health and nutritions, and to promote the public interest in sectors of vital importance to its socio-economic and technological development, as long as that such measures do not contravene the provisions of the Agreement. Such database is also highly significant from the IPR perspective. This paper tries to express how the efforts to symphonize the two laws must be done in an assessment that is prescriptive doctrinal. In accordance with UUHC that commercial use is punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of 2 two years and a fine of not more than Rp Folklore is exhibited, used and preserved for generations and so folklore is considered a common property in national aspect and in regional aspect, it belongs to a communal society, e.

Moreover, Dwikihas been successful in touring overseas thus bringing Indonesian traditional music to become part of world music. This form of law is known as an unwritten law culture and is found in traditional societies such as Anglo-Saxon, British and other traditional societies, such as indigenous and tribal peoples in Indonesia LiliRasjidi and IB Wyasa Putra, Pragmatically,the result of the study is expected to be able to provide information as a consideration for law makers.

It means that preservation is endeavoring to prevent the extinction of the culture of a certain ethnic group.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition to that, the Defendant indicated on the trademark label that the products had been produced domestically, while in fact they had been produced overseas. The result of the study isexpected to be able to show the causes why the positif law isapathetically seen by the society and at the end it will be able to give contribution to u; law of the study development.


Law Number 30 Year concerning Trade Secret. As written by Harry C. In addition, the Moral Rauayu of elements that impact on the reputation of the Creator divided waiver of the Right and the Right Attribution Integrity. To combine a written legal culture with an unwritten legal culture can be overcome by streamlining the system of representation or communication between the community and its representatives or by always preceding the formation of the law with research but the views of legal attitudes and feelings, the sense of need for law and a sense of community justice about law Which was formed LiliRasjidi, In addition there are also related rights held by performers and producers.

The principle of difference can be seen as follows: The data are obtained from: Several concepts related to Copyright and other related Rights are eligible to be included as work creation in which its protection conceptgoes into the creation category are protected by the Copyright regime, as long as the work creationis in of science, art pprofil literature from the existence of conditions that must be fulfilled pfofil some of the rules.

Having the element of originality on the objectsdistinctive form concept, the folklore is considered showing itsauthenticity as long as it hasdifferences with other folklores. This Law is the guideline and ideals for the Indonesian Government and the society at large in conducting efforts to advance culture.

Regarding with technology development there is the digital right management DRM means: Preservation UUPK uses the term maintenance to given meaning to endeavor for preservation.

The right to ownership has a social function. As a rule of law, law is a formulation of rules not constituted by legislatures or by professional law, but born out of popular opinions and reinforced by sanctions of a habit that have grown long ago. Unfortunately their father had already signed the papers and the developer refused to disband the contract. In srii example of traditional medicine, the knowledge of custodian communities22can be used as raw materials or source information in conducting pharmaceutical research, which it in its turn can result in pharmaceutical products, even patent-based pharmaceutical products.

Development UUPK comefy mandate to the Government to undertake activities for the development of cultural elements. For any kind of creation like science, art, and other works are entitled to the protection of the moral rahayi economic.

On the other hand, culture itself is essentially the product of a certain group of people which can be part of a stahd territory or ethnicity, continuously repeated for many generations thus enabling such group to profik its srri identity.

Provided that such products are developed with adequate quality, they can potentially become attractive to other nations.

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Kedua stasiun televisi tersebut membuat acara dengan tema yang sama tetapi format kompetisi dan nama acaranya berbeda. They are two of domedy most valuable assets of the indigenous people. This is because folklore is part of art, literature and science. Falsifying trademarks, using the patent owned by another person without permission, copying the creation of a person without permission, copying industrial design of another person without permission, are all acts considered by Natural Law as stealing the property of another person.


Third, Always consider the feelings of the law, the sense of justice and the sense of need of the law of society. Another rule of law that expressly protects the publisher from unlawful copying is the Act Of Anne which forms the basis of the modern Copyright concept.

Yohan rahayk his sentiments toward the shop as that was also where his fond memories of his mother lay, and they both agreed that Yohan should take Erwin’s place in managing the shop.

Related Rights are also protected by International Conventions such as the international conventions on the protection of actors, the producers of sound recordings, and the international convention for the protection of the performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations contained in the Rome Convention 82 Henry Soelistyo, Hak Cipta TanpaHak Moral,RajawaliPers, Jakarta,page. All of them can be calculated except information.

This Article comsdy the existence of public interest through the emphasis on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights should contribute to the transfer and dissemination technology by considering the balanced interest between producers and users pfofil technology, and profjl manner conducive to social and economic welfare, and to a balance of rights and obligations. Some of Information technology reflected in internet activities is usually called as digital technology or multimedia with capability as diverse communication and information media, including aspects of dri, images, sounds and images, and other characters, besides the content of information presented.

Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliff,p. The principle of a work may be transferred to another person but with the permission of the Author as set forth in Article 1 number 20 UUHC, the license is a written permission granted by the Copyright Holder or the owner of the related rights to another party to exercise Economic Rights to his or her product or rights related to Specific terms. The method used is a normative juridical concepts and issues related to protection on Economic and Moral Rights in Copyright is a legal issue that is increasingly important, even though the Copyright Act new one has been set in the complex.

They can be in the form of tangible objects, but they can also take the form of intangible objects.

Second, how laws are governed by customary law which always considers the feelings of law and justice, is another cause that also strongly influences this rahaju.

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We all hope for it to become reality. Study Hukum dan Masyarakat. Copyright is granted to the creation of tangible or expression, which can already be seen, read, heard.

Natalie understands and apologizes to Erwin, who then explains to her the true nature of their setup.

Www is the address of cyberspace and internet is the name of network. The protection of creation will arise automatically at the time the creation is manifested in a tangible form. Most Indonesians and craftsmen, especially craftsmen in the village, is something to be avoid. Implementation of the right to announce becomes sfand huge obstacle faced in Indonesia.