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But two mysterious assassins are hot on his trail. Added on February 11, Black-ish Dreamgirls and Boys Black-ish Episode 12 – “Dreamgirls and Boys” Dre and Bow struggle with the changing times of identity politics and gender neutrality. Meanwhile, Ryn attempts to adapt to life on land. Klaus and Roger start their own valet operation. The consequences of this small failure have life-threatening results when Wayne crosses paths with a dangerous local. Meanwhile, Veronica and Reggie take drastic measures to clean up a mess they created. Grace and Jack go on a diet together, but giving up their eating habits proves harder than anticipated.

Barry puts the finishing touches on the metahuman cure, leaving Cisco with a rare night off so he decides to take Kamilla on a date. On her 23rd birthday, her mother long dead, Beth has planned to escape the claustrophobic grip of Billy and their closed community by running away with charming, mysterious Liam Ward. Andrews tries to convince a grieving family to donate their teenage daughters face to another young girl whose face was horribly disfigured in an accident. Cleaning Up Episode 6 Cleaning Up Episode 6 – “Episode 6” With Swanny on her back desperate for his money, Sams world falls apart when her landlady returns with some devastating news. Emily sends a warning. Siren Oil and Water Siren Episode 4 – “Oil and Water” Ryn decides they need to find another solution for housing mermaids as the pack dynamics remain precarious. Billy reveals to Laura something he did to protect his family, while Coop has conflicted emotions about reuniting with her father.

Epiwode Messy Grown-ish Episode 7 – “Messy” When a new Enthusiastic Sober Consent policy is introduced on the CalU campus, everyone has strong opinions about whether its in place for the students benefit or to protect the school. Also, Georgie offers Veronica a shoulder to cry on when shes dumped by her boyfriend.

Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus. Meanwhile, Geoffs dad interferes in his relationship with Erica.

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Vodlcoker needs to buy the team time to get to the bottom of this terrifying relationship. Joanna and Billy team up to halt a rush to judgment. Carl grows suspicious of Debbies attempts to get closer with Kelly. But with a dangerous assassin at large, will Arkady risk his life to help them or are they on their own?


Tutu and her sister Jackie are left to sort through their memories of the past. Added on February 8, Also, Street worries his mother will be sent back to prison after she fails to check in with her probation officer, and Deacon gets unexpected medical news regarding his newborn daughter. Meanwhile, Sid attempts to find his wok in Charlies “hoarder paradise” of an apartment.

The victims death also strikes breqk chord with Maggie, leaving her desperate for answers in regard to a traumatic event in her personal life. Keith finds his secret increasingly difficult to hide. Meanwhile, Blake enlists Culhanes help in recruiting a star player to his new soccer team, and Alexis teams up with Sam to tackle their blues. Arkady is their only hope, but hes got secrets of his own.

Part 2 Original Air Date: The spotlight falls on the crew. Added on February 2, Manifest Estimated Time of Departure The Good Doctor Risk and Reward The Good Doctor Episode 15 – “Risk and Reward” Shauns blunt honesty with a distraught mother of a critically ill newborn baby causes the new chief of Surgery to question keeping him on as a resident.

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vodloc,er And can they finally get to the heart of Operation Glass? Tensions are still high between Connor and Bekker, who take a risk operating on an HIV-positive patient. The Resident Fear Finds a Way The Resident Episode 12 – “Fear Finds a Way” When a nasty flu season turns out to be masking a terribly infectious disease, Chastain must race to quarantine and diagnose infected patients.

Meanwhile, Nadias latest discovery sends her reeling. Tilly gets out of the hospital and does her best to evade the authorities. Into The Dark Down Into The Dark Episode 5 – “Down” A pair of office workers get trapped in an elevator over a long Valentines Day weekend, but what at first promises to be vodlpcker romantic connection turns dangerous and horrifying. But first, the BAU team travels to Los Angeles to investigate a series of fatal shootings in broad daylight following car accidents.

Lip sees another side of Tami when they spend the epizode together. Grown-ish Love Galore Grown-ish Episode 6 – “Love Galore” When Luca faces an exciting, high-pressure assignment for his design class, Zoey starts to wonder if shes made a mistake in her future career choice. Tillys natural prkson arent much better.


Karen investigates her mothers claims about her father. Nurse Crane visits a photographic gallery in Soho with Sgt Woolf, but the trip does not go to plan, and Sister Frances shyness causes concern.

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Daddy and the team must find him, turn him and stop him before he shatters the precarious peace of the Cold War. Coroner Quick or Dead Coroner Episode 4 – “Quick or Dead” Jenny is on the chase to stop a killer as he leaves a seasoj trail of rampage across the city.

Added on February 3, Grace and Daniel go to check on her, but Esason keeps his distance – after all, he doesnt want to get sick. Eleswhere, as night falls, the Donahue family prepare nervously for the formidable race ahead. Olivia comes to Ashers aid, while Jordan struggles with the opportunities that comes with being Billy Bakers son.

Debbie starts developing feelings for someone surprising, and Carl excels at the shrimp shack. Nick finally finds the answer he has been searching for. vodkocker

Howard and Emily Prime find clues about the history of Management. Blindspot The Tale of the Book of Manifest Hard Landing Manifest Episode 15 – episodr Landing” When Michaela meets the mysterious James Griffin during a police investigation, the passengers learn what happens when the callings fall in the wrong hands. Siren Oil and Water Siren Episode 4 – “Oil and Water” Ryn decides they need to find another solution for housing mermaids as the pack dynamics remain precarious.

But with Operation Glass hurtling towards a shocking climax, Daddy and the team are running out of time to piece the puzzle together and avert prisob. Could she be responsible or an innocent bystander?

However, when the team becomes targets for the killer, things take a bloody turn Added on February 13, Kev and V realize they are in over their heads with their latest bodlocker endeavor.