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Ella deals with her husband’s cheating, which makes things worse for Aria and Mike. She tells the girls it was Noel Kahn because she saw him write ‘I see you’ on the back on Ezra’s car while Aria and Ezra were kissing. Retrieved June 4, HI Removed – Synced and corrected by Mr. You cannot quote because this article is private. Come and download web therapy absolutely for free. Retrieved June 16, Preview for Episode finale 25 A-day.

Emily must deal with a jealous teammate Lindsey Shaw who is threatened by Emily’s return to the pool, as Aria and Ezra plan their first date out in the open. The girls visit the storage room, where they find Ali’s old lunchbox containing a flash drive. Aria has an unpleasant encounter with her father’s former mistress. Spencer arrives home with Hanna to find that somebody has been in her house, leaving a grave on her table and a message on her mirror. Hanna mends in a wheelchair upon her release from the hospital, and Mona throws a surprise party for her. Emily can only think of Maya and is desperate to speak to her — so much so that she enlists the help of Caleb, the new bad boy in the school. Archived from the original on May 30,

Here’s Michael’s review of the latest Fargo episode Emily reveals a secret after she’s accused of killing Alison. Two Truths and a Lie – The girls durch turns revealing three things about themselves, not all of the true. Retrieved March 15, Are they less offensive when they are told with self-derision? Please try again later.


Jenna cries, and this is the second time we see her face. Webarchive template wayback links Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Four cages are shown in ‘A’s’ house with a lkars in each of liads with the name of the Liars.

Just as Aria is about to give dating Noel a chance, Ezra returns. Aria’s dad soon joins in the investigation and nearly finds out about Ezra, until Aria’s parents fight over whether they should pry into Aria’s life, reversing their reconciliation.

Ian encourages Spencer to run away, and Toby asks her not to. And now we know where s0e04 met. Retrieved June 9, Spencer’s Russian article the one she copied from Melissagets entered in a contest and she is still confused about Wren.

Subtitles for Pretty Little Liars

Aria has an unpleasant encounter with her father’s former mistress. The police take a special interest in Spencer, who accuses Ian of murder.

He thinks Emily is getting special treatment because she is gay. List of Pretty Little Liars characters.

Loars Lucas admits his feelings for Hanna, but is both angry and heartbroken when she tells him she only likes him as a friend, and tells her that she deserves a better boyfriend than Sean. Caleb comes to the Marins’ home to drop off a letter for Hanna and lets Ashley know that he is leaving Rosewood to go to Arizona, but wAshley suggests he deliver the letter to Hanna in person, Mona has her own way with the letter.

Paiges’ father shows up at the school and makes a huge lttle in the school cafeteria, demanding an answer to why Emily is the swim team captain and not his daughter. HI Removed Sync and Corrected by wilson — www. Retrieved February 18, Archer – S06E10 Animation. Spencer asks Hanna to collect Jenna’s psychotherapy file, with a shocking twist.


Subtitles For Pretty Little Liars

The Body – Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. HI – Synced and corrected by Mr. Declan and Jack face a tough decision. Byron leans on Ashley for advice as his relationship with Ella only gets worse.

Toby, Jenna’s stepbrother, has come back to school.

Melissa senses that something wrong with Ian and cannot find her phone, Spencer offers to drive her to the church to find it and along they way they have a car accident. A body is thrown to the ground, Ali’s hand appearing in front of the screen.

After quitting her job in finance under dubious circumstances, the affluent and self-interested Fiona Wallice tries her hand at therapy – offering clients 3-minute sessions over the Internet in hopes of weeding out any unnecessary emotion. The girls sibtitles Alison is the one sending the texts, until her body is found buried in her old backyard. Views Read Edit View history.