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That might have been more useful to future buyers of the technology. But the Sonoris Mastering Compressor is above all that GUI one-upmanship, airily delivering sonic quality that will definitely impress your ears. At least it’s Spic and Span now. I mean, sure, I know there will be subtle differences, but do you think the end results would be “not listenable because he used a Realtek” or a “Soundblaster? What makes MJUC so special? It’s no different than the exact same discussions about cameras. That’s why I added the caveat about program dependency above.

Paulie on November 2, 7: Danny talks about a guitar sounding better through a Realtek than his “good” interfaces. If you wanted to demonstrate the superiority of a Prism over a Realtek, it would be easy: Stromkraft on June 26, 6: At least it’s Spic and Span now. Is this because of the required hardware? It seems like that study addressed all that stuff

Congratulations Renato and thank you everyone for participating!! That’s where guys like me can really make a difference. Am I wrong here?

Facebook Stam Audio creates zero compromise recording gear that is light on the wallet. Cut to the chase Gears,utz sets it apart from much of the competition is the style with which it imbues your source material with tasty analogue dynamics. Anyone else use it, or am I greatly mistaken that it should not have been in the Top 45? He posted everything up in stems and just let people go at them. The UA collection includes three models, representing the original and two later revisions of the classic hardware unit: Either the people doing them aren’t doing them correctly Howard Ellison on August 25, 7: Good “talking shop” with you too Danni: I don’t think I could advise someone to go buy the cheapest stuff you can because to me recording premum a bottom end interface is asking for more trouble.


I definitely think some of this stuff is mind-over matter as well as some hype getting the best of us at times. What makes MJUC so special?

Interesting converter shootout on Gearslutz | Cakewalk Forums

Carlos on August 10, 4: One of the treats seris coming to these forums is getting some feedback from guys like you,bit,youroldpal,batsbrew,Jeff A great visual display element to the GUI, generally straight-forward operation not a strength of all multi-band plugins and multiple dynamics geagslutz including gating, ducking, expanding and de-essing make this a winner for processing complete mixes, busses and stems or individual tracks.

Good to see the Fabfilter ProC2 comp there. I think it may be time for a full psychological analysis into the compressor phenomenon.

Thanks Alex, Appreciate your thoughts — esp. Using their established module format, the is actually ten different compressors in one, giving huge amount of flexibility and a lot of bang for your buck.

I think that the more layered and multi-channeled the work, the more noticeable the differences are. Spotting a gap in the current market and wanting to port his knowledge of real analogue signal processing into a plugin that truly represented the best of the real and virtual domains, the UBK-1 fulfils its aim in being one of the most musically satisfying plugins around.


50 Of The Best Compressor Plugins In The World

Michael on March 16, When I brought the projects with me to my studio and recorded the real guitars A full five years in the making, we thought this was as good a time as any to highlight a single plugin from the bundle: The AD convertors themselves are not as important as “Does the design sound better or worse than the next design?


This mean there will be no added taxes when receiving our units. Nev on April 13, 3: Dynamics from DCAM is actually a series of four compressor plugins. I didn’t go into the weeds of the details but it seems to confirm my suspections that most converters are pretty good these days.

Interesting converter shootout on Gearslutz

A recent release at the end of and something of a hybrid monster, Disto was created by combining the characteristics of two hardware compressors premiuk Empirical Labs, the Fatso Jr. If more people would also like to see Universal Audio plugins included, let me know here!

In fact, those fellows are pretty much swearing by Apogee. This may be due to distortion and compression in the analog portion of the interface.

There are two versions: For example, I could add another 16 channels and record all 32 simultaneously while holding up and keeping latency down. So why should there be more and more serie plugs appearing year after year? I bought into the hype too