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Epson’s Liquid Crystal on Quartz technology does a good job matching that, so the LS’s image has very little digital noise, even in dark scenes. I have the UB and and love it but I am wondering if the incremental upgrade to the UB together with the firmware upgrade makes it a solid contender for a new projector? Hopefully we can see some improvements in picture qualities mentioned above, or it is at least as good as the current best offerings. With a video input of p and 24Hz—as with many movies recorded on Blu-ray discs, for example—you can turn on both 4K Enhancement and frame interpolation for smoother motion. It will not be shown to other site viewers. That likely will show a pretty clear difference

You’d be better off displaying a 4k computer screen with a lot of nice sharp straight and angled 1 pixel wide lines The street price for the Epson should be lower than the msrp Unless Panasonic comes out with something similar for less Not sure anyone else will Sony prices are ridiculous for their 4K projectors. Hopefully we can see some improvements in picture qualities mentioned above, or it is at least as good as the current best offerings. I have been contemplating upgrading to the UB but this opens up another possibility for me. Take a look at our Front Projectors category page , and you’ll see that we’ve reviewed a lot of Epson projectors over the years–but none of those past models is quite like the subject of today’s review, the Epson LS Anyone know why this so? May require additional customer verification. Viewing Experience The LS is a revolutionary product, unlike anything that Epson has produced to date.

How are the black levels and shadow details compared to the jvc x? Posted Mar 5, 9: It is just that by comparison to the 4K enhanced version it is surprisingly soft. Post a Comment Alert Moderator.

Epson Ls10000 Reflective Laser 4k Enhancement Projector

I have had many JVC lovers tell me this about their eshift This Epson is the only product of its kind that can provide this level of quality in that price range both Projector Central and Projector Reviews Art loved this projector Has everyone read the detailed powedlite of this? Posted Sep 18, If you’re looking for a projector to use with games that depend on fast reaction time, this is a notably long lag, but it won’t be an issue for anything else.


Saw this projector at a store where they previewed it. I received a well-traveled LS review sample that had made the rounds at conventions and other events, so I needed to perform a thorough alignment during setup. We’ve gotten better versions of these technologies but not a lot that was really “new” at a consumer level. Posted Apr 4, The point is, you have a lot of options to tailor this effect to your liking, and you can set up different options for different sources.

Laser light engine, of course. If I were to view the two projectors side by side, would the UB appear to be much brighter or because of the differences in quality and contrast would the LS appear to be as bright? We are closed on most major holidays.

One measure of how sharp and detailed the LS image looks is that in this case the reflectkve image on the TV had the soft-focus look compared with the projected image. One might say filmlike, but it is better than film. Posted Oct 6, I was also able to further improve the accuracy of all six color points, getting the Delta Error well below 1. Posted Dec 8, 4: Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry.

Enhancemrnt have changed as TV’s are now much cheaper than a comparable projector.

It offers a lower price than a true 4K model, delivers top-tier performance not just for resolution, but for all the other aspects of image quality, and is as close to 4K as a projector can get without actually offering it natively. Payment Terms Only PayPal is accepted. This Epson seems big and bulky which I like, and also weighs in well. Also it 4kk as quiet as if there was nothing working on the room.

An 8K PJ with an x panel? Any feedback would be appreciated, Evan or anyone. I’ve got a room approx. Latest Front Projector Reviews Apr PayPal confirmed addresses only. I am still amazed by the deep deep blacks it achieves.


Epson Pro Cinema LS — 4K Laser Home Theater

And did I mention contrast? If your screen is a lot larger than my inch reference, you might be better able to 3cd improvements in a true 4K projector versus a 4K Enhancement model like the LS especially when Ultra HD Blu-ray arrives cinena but, in my case, those differences were just too subtle with real-world moving pictures.

Powered, Slide Lens Shutter. High-priced, and worth every penny, it delivers both high-end conveniences—like motorized focus, zoom, and lens shift—and high-end technologies, like its 4K enhancement to boost resolution.

September 13, That likely will show a pretty clear difference In all-black scene transitions, the laser essentially shuts off to produce an absolute black. Hopefully we can see some improvements in picture xinema mentioned above, or it is at least as good as the current best offerings. With a laser light source bragging up to 30, hours, absolute black with zero lumens given off, and every bell and whistle you could want in a projector, the only thing this projector is missing is 4k resolution.

Why not just release a true lasdr projector, and not the smoke and mirrors this projector uses? Posted Feb 22, On the Enuancement the audience pans actually become an engaging and exciting part of the video presentation because they make you feel like you are there. I guess if you are in a totally pitch-lack room with a 1.

My current Projector is mounted behind the wall at 17 feet from the screen. It was the second most accurate picture mode behind the THX mode, and it measured I thought the 2. David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. A built in A. Reflectvie the item arrives to you damaged or defective, please contact us for instructions.

Pros Superb image quality. More so, the Sony produced finer, crisper lines throughout all of these patterns.