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It’s the first time something like that happens, and I have seen hundreds of DVDs. Report mood , Dec 13, The preview is unable to show the subtitles, so if you can see them that means that they are hardcoded. No changes to the subtitles settings or anything. Any help would be massively, massively appreciated. If that doesn’t work, I don’t think I’ll have another way to fix the problem, except to recommend to use a better player. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Find More Posts by colinhunt.

Anyway, even if that command is changed to set subpic 0, 1 or 2, or if stream 3 is created, as long as the selected stream is OFF and there are no forced subpics, the players must not show any subtitle. So, IMO, you should leave the command that sets subtitle 3 off, and verify if it’s still subtitle stream 3 that is “current” on or off when the title is playing. I feel like I’m on the right track but there’s something I’m missing. I was a user of Potplayer since it was called kmplayer, and I love it, it’s so powerful! Show posts by this member only Post 6. They supposedly added support for MP3s with lyrics in version 1.

If that player is not popular, no one is interested to use it and no one can give you help. You should see this dialog: There are only 3 subtitle streams in VTS 1, and therefore subtitle 3 doesn’t exist.


It seems impossible to turn them off. You should provide an inactivation command before the movie start.

Can’t get subtitles working in PotPlayer

Well, maybe i just have to use other player for the time being: Change the default subpic language in the player’s settings and see if it displays another stream.

It’s easy in trace mode: Contact Us VideoHelp Top.

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In the upper right corner, you should see the 3 subtitles with black numbers, and subtitle 3 with a greyed out “none”. PaulBBJan 15, Then saved it as Sarah Smile. Oct 1 The time now is I have decided just remove the subtitles out of the videos with mkvtoolnix and get rid of the problem for good.

Anyone knows what cause this? I also been using this player since they were called kmplayer as well: Any help would be massively, massively appreciated. The 2 should turn red.

78 Shortcuts for PotPlayer (Windows)

Originally Posted by r0lZ Now, potplaer long as the SetSTN Subtitle 3, off command is still executed before the playback of the main movie and of course no other SetSTN commandthere should be no subtitle displayed during the playback of the movie.

Since you can see English subtitles anyway, there can be two reasons for that strange behaviour. I already installed several other alternatives including VLC.


The real forced flag is in the subtitle stream itself, and can be on or off for any individual subtitle. If i recall correctly, this problem appear after i updated the player sometimes back. Potplaydr, I would try several things.

Last edited by manoluv; 13th Apr at In the Domain Stream Attributes dialog, you should now see a new subtitle track with an empty language code and “unspecified”. Make me know if it worked, cheers Dear shaksa, to think that you purposely make an acc just to help me solve this problem brings out my manly tears: Forum Video Subtitle Potplayer.

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Daum PotPlayer – Disable subtitles in DVDs

Verify with the trace or a good player. Similar Threads How to attach subtitle to. Potplayer has never been installed in Roaming folder. I think your setup of the player should be broken for some reason.

Leave the sliders with a grayed out label to 0.

I’m glad it worked: