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Pikachu might regularly use 5 moves, or one will stop being used so often. The most cruel thing the Ducklett did was make Ash, Sandile and Pikachu think they would return the stolen items and then shoot them with water. I actually thought the trio would have a change of heart after Ash talked to them but they just tricked him into lowering his guard. Ash tries to attack but Ducklett fires an Ice Beam at them. I thought that they attacked them before Ash left, but I must have been mistaken. Last edited by a moderator:

Your request could not be completed. All your posts and data should have transferred over. Well, I don’t really think that they did much with Charmander being an abandoned Pokemon. S14 Episode 16 Rematch at the Nacrene Gym! That feels more like a number pattern. Ash has Pikachu attack Sandile, but his Electric attacks won’t work against the part Ground-type.

Yeah, I was annoyed at that.

Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!

While moving through the forest, Sandile is startled by a clan of Woobat that fly past, and it leaps into Ash’s arms in fear. Sandile frees Pikachu, who is tired out and unable to attack the Ducklett. Maybe the writers will give it some backstory in a future episode but at this point I seriously doubt that will happen.

Share This Page Tweet. The whole concept of Pikachu having a rival and not Ash is pretty interesting in itself, since Cilan said himself that Pikachu has a rival.

But I’m glad Pikachu owned them with that new electroball move, I don’t know why it’s replacing Volt Tackle though, I know it causes recoil damage in the game but it never really seemed to effect Pikachu at all in this series. Your name or email address: Scraggy did pretty good with the headbutt compared to Axew missing with scratch and just causing Scraggy’s molted skin to fall down had to look up on bulbapedia what those “pants” really were.


First broadcast Japan February 24, I still think that it could be useful as another way to dodge attacks, as well as attack its opponents, just like Pikachu often has done with Quick Attack in the past, once Oshawott learns to control Aqua Jet.

Although, the Snivy line in general doesn’t have the greatest variety of moves it can learn for its movepool either. S14 Episode 19 A Connoisseur’s Revenge! Ash has Pikachu attack Fpisode, but his Electric attacks won’t work against the part Ground-type. A previously encountered Sandile wants to battle Ash’s Pikachu. Even though it’s unlikely Ash studied Scald before meeting the Ducklett, he could have seen the attack beforehand. Best thing this episode: I’m sure we will learn why Excadrill doesn’t listen to Iris.

S14 Episode 22 A Venipede Stampede! I do agree with you about Chimchar though. Wow, Sandile has Stone Edge, used it against the Duckletts. It’s like the writers were trolling us hard with this episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ash got Scraggy only to be a battle partner for Axew.

Ballando con i tre Ducklett!

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Then we get to Sandile, hoo boy what happened there? Since Electro Ball depends on speed to get stronger, Pikachu could use Quick Attack as a method of making it much more powerful.

Sandile and Pikachu have a battle, with Sandile gaining the upper hand after evolving into a Krokorok.


The Ducklett spray water simultaneously at them, and leap into the forest to escape. Retrieved from ” https: S14 Episode 16 Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!

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Pikachu vs Meguroco vs Koaruhie!!

Pansage Type Grass Abilities Gluttony. I agree though that its Gym wins have felt a bit cheap, especially its last victory. If I remember correctly Turtwig saved Pikachu then when Ash came to get Pikachu Turtwig saw Ash as a bad guy and tackled it, in the same way Sewaddle did if I remember cs.

Dancing With the Ducklett Trio! The ducks are awesome btw. The ground collapsing beneath Ash and Pikachu was unexpected.

The Ducklett were pretty wacky characters, I can’t fathom why they stole all that stuff. Will Cilan be able to defeat this other Pokemon Connoisseur? Oshawott glares angrily at the Ducklett, who is now laughing as it flies away. Meanwhile, Ash, Pikachu, and Sandile watch from the bushes as the Ducklett joke around, waiting for the right opportunity to attack them and get their things back. Joi voice Misato Fukuen Poksmon Ducklett meets with the one that took Sandile’s sunglasses, and Pikachu shocks them with a Thunderbolt.

I kind of think that Tepig’s pikacnu has improved, although it could still stand more training and have more of a unique personality.