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Be Cautious of Purrloin! Deciding Match Agaisnt Rampardos! As Unova is far away, familiar characters from previous sagas will be few and far between so the new characters are to be seen more often. They decide to attack the helicopter cargo that is powering the cages and successfully damage it. VS Pike Queen Lucy! Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! However, the battle is brought to an early end when two Deino show up and cause disruption. When Cilan learns that Rufflet and Vullaby have never gotten along, he offers to lend his Connoisseur skills to fix the pairing problem.

It is revealed that Cedric took the Dark Stone with him after all. Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit! When it comes time for Accelguard to make his appearance Ash is enlightened by Iris that Charles is Accelguard. Sinnoh League Third Round! Faster Grass and Electrics – Electric and Grass threats are a real problem for Samurott as most pack enough Speed to outpace it and apply pressure. Protect the Bidoof Village!!

Explorers of the Hero’s Ruin! Research Projects on Poni Island! Accelguard orders Accelgor to intercept them and it uses Double Team.

Unrest at the Nursery! | Watch Pokémon TV

Teacher Candice of the Trainers’ School! What Lies Beyond Truth and Episodf Virizon is also unpredictable; being able to be physical or special and soften threatens for other teammates or sweeps itself.

Emolga uses Attract on Palpitoad, making him fall eipsode love with her. The Mystery of the Lost Cubchoo! Ash and the gang have returned from Milos Island. Double Battle On Stage!! The come upon a dead end with ancient writing written of the wall. While it has decent offensive stats, its humliau speed and bulk leave it outclassed by many other water types. The three gather where they together regrow the revival herbs. Who is Heading to the Final!?


Iris runs into an injure Bouffalant. The Rise of Darkrai! When they return to the Gym, they climb into a cart that they soon find out it is a roller coaster car. Training at the Day Care!! The next day, the gang find that it has eaten all of the food. Meanwhile, Team Rocket yank out the Wind Wedge.

The Road to Humilau (755)

Origin of Love and Youth! Chili soon follows and asks Pansear for another chance.

Faster Grass and Electrics – Electric and Grass threats are a real problem for Samurott as most pack enough Speed to outpace it and apply pressure.

Clemont’s Campus of Memories! The Legend of the Blinding One!! Scratchmark Hill, Rockruff and Lycanroc!! They get angry at each other and fight. Gather, All of My Passion!! The two try to attack it up close but Landorus uses Extrasensory to repel them. Past, Present, and Future! Attack of Team Magma. Crisis at Ferroseed Research!

A Dairy Tale Rod.


Unrest at the Nursery!

The Catcher in the Herbs! They begin to practice again and attempt “Over the Rainbow” but, it fails. Once they reach the end of the roller coaster, they meet Elesa once again.

Goodbye to the Trouble Makers!! Charismatic Gym Leader Appears! They all battle it out with the Vanillite gang losing. Enter Wartortle and Raichu!

The Cyllage Gym Match! Care-taking by Two People!?

An Amazing Aerial Battle! Castelia City – Venipede Panic! Goodbye, Junior Cup – Hello Adventure!

Tobio scolds it and it runs away. Mega Sceptile VS Raichu!

List of Pokémon: Black & White: Rival Destinies episodes – Wikipedia

Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! The gang decides to summon Landorus and Iris gets dressed for epieode part. Three in the Jungle! Ash continues to train at Cynthia’s villa until Ridley a member of an ancient civilisation dedicated to protecting Meloetta and his Golurk hear Meloetta’s song and come to take Meloetta back.

Cameron has a “great idea” and he gets out what seems to be a “map”, which was a table cloth.