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I always loved how Pineco would blow up in Brock’s face. Team Rocket comes in sheep’s clothing to relieve a kind Mareep-herder of her flock. They approach a large Apricorn tree but fall into a covered hole. The Japanese opening song is “OK” by Matsumoto. We have moved to a new forum system. The Rise of Darkrai!

The Rise of Darkrai! Adventures in Unova BW: Bugsy congratulates Ash on overcoming his strategies and gives him the Hive Badge to commemorate the win. Team Rocket has been listening to all this and plans to swipe the Apricorn balls and sell them to get rich. When in a Bonus Encounter you can then switch from a Premium Ball to an Apricorn for increased capture chance. As always, I have tried to use as much feedback as possible from prior concepts to improve each new suggestion.

I found it funny when those Pineco exploded. When Ash and friends wander into town, they bring with them a challenge that threatens to be Gligarman’s last: Retrieved from ” https: I especially loved the part where Brock gets pinco. ShinyManafiDec 17, Adding 7 new Apricorns and 7 new balls is not going to make this problem go away. Television Animation also in North America.

You shall not post this on anywhere for public use You shall not sell this for public use Do not replicate and forward without permission Do not claim this is yours Do Not Translate it into your languange and claim ownership Ash and his friends are having lunch at Kurt’s house.

Brock gets his ear pinched when he asks if one of these would help him catch Joy or Jenny. Ash’s Squirtle is reunited with the Squirtle Squad. Misty tells him he is being rude but Kurt gets three PokeBalls and gives one to each of them as a thank-you for helping him. Ash orders Chikorita to focus in and use Vine Whip, though Spinarak continues to dodge.


Maybe feedback can lend weight to the decision. Scyther tries Double Team while it uses another Fury Cutter, this time faster than the other Fury Cutter, while Cyndaquil is still able to dodge.

Bugsy congratulates Ash on overcoming his strategies and gives him the Hive Badge to commemorate the win. Diamond and Pearl DP: Metapod uses Harden to increase its defenses and blocks the attack.

Mazie is afraid they’ll hurt the tree and tries to climb out of the hole but she can’t.

Conceptual Pok├ęball Mechanic: Apricorns, Upgrade for Premium Balls

SharpshooterNov 2, IgottapooJan 7, He asks to keep it for a 15 and Ash says it’s okay. I liked this EP. Oak says that Kurt is an expert craftsman at making PokeBalls from Apricorn. However these Apricorns aren’t ripe enough, so they walk some more.

No, create an account now. When separated eisode production seasons, the remaining 11 episodes of Adventures in the Orange Islands are part of the third season along with these episodes Season 2 ends with “Charizard Chills”. She freaks out and runs away only to come face to face with a horde of Metapod. Welcome, to the new Serebii Forums.

LittlemyuuMar 9, That is, until Togepi and its new-found buddy, Sentret, climb inside and accidentally wreak havoc on everything in their path.

Oak wants to be informed the moment they find out anything. Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: Yet it was pretty interesting to watch. Pink Apricorns are used to make Love Balls which catch Pokemon of the opposite gender. Expanding content beyond the current game, can only enhance the overall experience for both the solo player and the overall community.


A severe case of sibling rivalry between Pikachu and Chikorita calls for therapy sessions with Nurse Joy. The Step of Love!! Elekid US and internationalMetapod Japan. To keep the table trim, I have included only the most recent version of the mechanic. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Team Rocket however wants to get the Amberite and steal Donphan. Japanese themes Plkemon OK! Still, it would have peaked my interest if we learned more after Kurt’s craft.

Pikachu avoids another Tackle from Metapod, causing it to land into a tree. Metapod uses Tackle and Pikachu avoids it which causes the Tackle to stir up a cloud of dust.

Ash goes goibg get one and when he finds the rental place, he discovers the Hoothoot he can rent is a rowdy one. The Hoppip’s trainer Mariah uses a group of Hoppip to help her forecast the weather.

Conceptual Pok├ęball Mechanic: Apricorns, Upgrade for Premium Balls | Pokemon GO Hub

Bugsy tells his Metapod to jump and use Tackle, surprising Ash and knocking out Chikorita. So that would yeild the following fruits on our newly added trees.

James pokes his head out of the hole and is faced with Scyther’s leg.

Kurt’s granddaughter Mazie thanks them for helping the town.