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I never really thought much could ever come from it. Have you ever seen a story about high cable rates or telephony rates on Rogers TV, would you expect to? But I believe that our reputation for a longstanding period of time is the result of proving to the community that we keep a neutral stance, that we do not intercede with personal interests. I have been with Rogers TV for over six months now. When I look at the stated purpose for the LPIF I have to ask, why aren’t independent community television stations included in the fund? Well, from what I got from my conversation last week was that well, for one, it is a surprise to them. I always appreciate constructive proposals, and both of you have gone to great lengths today to put yourselves in our shoes and come forward with something that is doable, and I appreciate that approach. So those were the questions that I had for you, Mrs.

So it might be time to really seriously re-evaluate — you know, I am not sure what you are going to be hearing from other content producers or community stations and activists. And I explained it to him, and I am halfway through and he goes, well, that is very important. Basically, the only things that aren’t broadcast province-wide are things such as city council and your local bingo. I do enjoy what is broadcast and I would pay for it as well. You don’t see that now on the channel, it is pretty bland, heavily sports-dominated. I am not sure if they do news or what the content of their television station is.

As you can see, we are passionate about our community programming and we are proud of what we have vi able to accomplish in partnership with our volunteers. When people see people that they trust saying there is an issue, then they believe that in fact there is. And you also said that you contacted them last week and up until last week you hadn’t given them an opportunity to address the issue as well I 26311 It is, for all practical purposes, the only over-the-air television station with actual local programming in all of Nova Scotia outside of Halifax.

And I truly believe that because Rogers is diverse we attract the diverse people. And we not only provide content relevant to those individual communities, but we provide content that each of those communities requires as part of their everyday lives, because the agencies and resources are regional in basis and they are identical for each of those communities to be Well, First Local runs twice, it runs from 6: For my edification, where is your Island?


It’s 50 per cent English, 50 per cent French. Cable companies have amalgamated their local production centres and have come to use the community channel to attempt to create a competitive advantage. We believe the non-commercial nature of community TV must be preserved. And eventually I got to the point where they were able to train me now so I am the director, the switcher, of the 6: So basically it bellf be good if we could work together a little more.

Just 27 per cent and 56 are so far apart, I mean I find it hard to reconcile those. And again, if it is an unserved market and it is the English-language market which, as you say, isMontrealers, there is a large market there.

But this is likely going to change in the coming decade for sure, but right now the penetration and use by our community partners is not sufficient for their media projects to properly be distributed in their communities via Internet alone. Mayrand, I got a clear answer on why you can’t break out 2 per cent. By replacing community volunteer programs gelle programs made by their own hired staff cable companies are running nothing less than unlicensed TV stations.

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We do have professional broadcasters and so, I 2613, I don’t understand what — surely, the access here is for people who don’t have the professional standards to come in and say, but we have a good idea, we think we can do it, et cetera, et cetera. You make absolutely no recommendation regarding our definitions and the way we define — other people have suggested that the definition on local programming or access programming needs some tightening up for some of the cable companies allegedly.

Whether it is working in a control room, on camera or behind the camera, there is a position available for just about everyone.

Worse, they have closed community channels and reduced community-produced content despite Canadians’ clear and emphatic support for community TV and public access.

We live in a world that strives for this contact.

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Black, I listened with interest to your description of what happened in the past. In order for community media to truly flourish, community content producers need access to distribution channels that are accessible by stakeholder communities. They have a broader platform in which to reach and to appeal and the hyper-local or niche programming is more appropriate for coverage by ourselves. Ils le font entre VOX.


Okay, thanks very much. We do have journalistic integrity.

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Is it your understanding that they are paid personnel from various Telile is the only source of local programming in our community. And is it based on the grid or is it based on the community? Are you producing specific programming for those localities? Then the impact on commercial and CBC local stations would be small. No, we don’t have any collective agreements with any of the cable community stations, no. If the community aspect was removed and the larger companies did not have to pay for community access, then I would think with the loss of community access I should see a reduction in my cable bill.

Il faut que les gens arrivent avec des plans d’affaires.

Non, pas du tout. We ask you to keep in place the framework that has allowed these community connections to take root and that continues to generate important contributions to local expression. But that is something definitely I could mention to the new station manager. But it has been alleged that some of that content was actually made by cable companies, not volunteers.

Access, diversity and community partnerships continue to thrive. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. So, episdoe can bellle that as far as spreading the word is concerned. They should understand that if they upload content they give you YouTube and Google property rights in that content.

So that the source of funding is distant, right, comes through elisode fund, the source of funding isn’t local. Cable companies, meanwhile, are unenthusiastic about becoming more accountable to you or more transparent to the communities they purport to serve. I think that was my point.

In my case, when I was on the screen, definitely not as glamorous as some of the models that sit on a national desk, but they are us. Nelle we are growing and we are trying to establish — and anyway, some of the roadblocks that we have seen.