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They are permanent bureaus. What I observe, I think, as do my fellow Commissioners, is that the money you have received you have spent, as intended, on programming. You spend millions more on foreign programming. Today, we are focusing our presentation on the three specific questions that the Commission has asked parties to address in its letter of March 21st, The industry as a whole is losing money. Just I notice in looking at your financial summary and as Commissioner Patrone said, it’s protected information, but it looks to me like you have reinvested all your LPIF funds in the business and even though there wasn’t a requirement for incrementality it’s, I think, noteworthy that that is what you have done.

We are trying to provide radio services. But they all go to your mandate, and they all go to the difference between yourself and private broadcasters. That story made headlines across the country. Messieurs, dames, voulez-vous rajouter quelque chose? Our only issue is that, in changing it, we need to recognize that the purpose of the first fund needs to be continued in the second fund. Isn’t that part of the deal? Whether they are also in a market that is served by other competing broadcasters, they still want us to be there as the CBC representing them as an independent, and that’s the same whether you are in a community which is heavily populated or one that is more remote. That is all I am saying.

But if we were to become, in effect, a public broadcaster, or if we were to close our doors in lieu of that, I don’t see the CBC coming in and taking our place. There are a number of points that we would like to make in regard to that question.

Nobody else seemed very interested in it at the time and then it was amended in light of the recession to go to 1. No, we didn’t ask that question, but what we did find out, particularly through the focus groups, was that most people actually weren’t aware that they were paying for local programming, and when they found out that they were, they indicated that they would be quite pleased to continue paying whatever they were paying now.


It’s a limited compensation. That is down from about 39, 40 percent last year. You can see from the example I gave in Winnipeg. The loss of jobs and the loss of the quality programming affected would greatly diminish the value of traditional broadcast television in Canada.

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These plys provide viewers with locally made programming they simply could not get anywhere else. Do Canadians in smaller markets deserve access to local reflection if it doesn’t make financial sense? King Star King and his team of strange heroes.

Vous ne seriez pas d’accord avec moi? So the state gives you certain funds to provide those services to plks to allow people in a minority situation to enjoy one of the two official languages. So the only reason we’re getting more than they’re getting over time is that they are not investing.

They are permanent bureaus. We do have a priority for drama. In comparison, cable companies in major U. En termes de nos We understand the Commission’s reluctance to establish a permanent subsidy. Consider for example that NTV and other Atlantic conventional stations represent the majority of all cable viewing hours in our market.

Isn’t that part of the deal?

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We have no answers for them. Well, what’s sustainable in the sense that, you know, would we continue to grow it at the same level that we have done? The other aspect is that you have a different mandate, different obligations, than private broadcasters do. The Commission could conduct a further review at that time to determine whether it should continue past that date.

Could I speak specifically to game shows because I know there is a bekle of misunderstanding about that? I assume, given the record, that the Commission is not contemplating increasing it.


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So we can’t just schedule it episoode say, “Here is what we’re going to do and, yes, we only added four people in there. Well, CBC is taking almost half the Fund. Ce ne sont pas mes chiffres.

There is an application before the Commission and this is not the place to argue that issue, please.

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CTV is top rated. Do you think, as the Chairman mentioned this morning, that you could give us some of those suggestions? We have Global on one and bell have CBC on the other.

But irrespective of the Fund, is it not CBC’s responsibility to serve small markets, to serve the regions, to serve minority-language communities? Saturday, 30 April I only linked in to my website for others to watch online. Our experience has been enfier the useful life of digital equipment is much shorter than its analog predecessors.

Well, I think that from the outset in it was clearly stated that the LPIF would be a program that would be reviewed in three years. There was a curious statistic raised to you yesterday from Shaw about the fact that we seem to be getting more than our share of the growth in the LPIF. It is not very useful in the circumstances to focus on the past effectiveness of the program. This is the reality for television stations operating in small markets.

In news programming, we pride ourselves on perhaps a higher cost type of programming. On veut qu’il livre, qu’il donne des produits.