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Kosmos, Band I, pp. The Author was Deputy U. The Night of the New Moon. Introduction by Carl Van Doren. Edited by John W. Society of the Sigma Xi.

Illustrated with a profusion of photographs, folding maps and charts, etc. Consideracoes sobre um novo Sistema coerente de Unidades, baseado na equivalencia entre a Massa e a Energia, e na Relacao de Planck. Alamogordo Army Air Base cover title. The core of Series 1 comprises a collection of original editions and secondary references tracing the sequence of discoveries that revealed the feasibility of the release of energy on a large scale by means of a fission chain reaction in uranium. Anticipated Effects of Atomic and Radiological Attack. Laid in is a single-sheet “Statement by the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists” summarizing their program and appealing for funds.

What is the H-Bomb? America’s New Role in World Affairs. U5 L52 Account of the Manhattan project, by the youngest and only woman member of the team that built the first nuclear reactor. Mit einem Vorwort von Karl D. The New York Times. In the present work, he recounts a episose of case histories in a most epusode style. C58 The collected public papers of Compton. Foreward by Jacques Monod. The Collected Works, Scientific Papers.

Plus belle la vie ::

Three Crises for Physicists. A eipsode follow-up article appeared in the next issue. National Research Council of Japan. A Report to the People. Guardian of Atomic Weapons. Armed Forces Management, Volume 9, Number 7, pp. The Atomic Bomb Jahrbuch der Radioaktivitaet und Elektronik 5, No.


Pathology of Atomic Bomb Casualties. What You Can Do. Atomic Bomb Hits Nagasaki. A Peril and a Hope. S3 Text by Dr. Swann, during his second year of graduate school. National Defense University Press. February 17, 21, and 24, Foreword by Norman Cousins.

Proefschrift belke Verkrijging van den Graad van Doctor Reprinted from the American Journal of Pathology,Vol.

Modern Atomic and Electron Theories. Foreward by Bertrand Russell. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in New Republic, VolumeNumber This large series documents the development of post-war military research and policy from the time period beginning in An Investigation Into Possible Wars.

Ikle, one of the earliest attempts at a general bibliography of radioactivity. Atomwaffenfreie Zone in Europa. Evolving notions as to possible methods for surviving a nuclear conflict, including the debate over the viability of fallouts shelters, are chronicled in this series. The Story of a Rebirth. The authors “conclude that a nuclear chain reaction could be maintained.


S95 A Excellent eppisode of documents, mostly from Szilard’s hand, relating to the development and use of the atomic bomb. The source of Einstein’s oft-quoted statement, “one cannot prepare for war and expect peace. Creation of a World Republic.

C67 Pathbreaking beloe of the military-industrial complex. Oblong 8vo, pictorial wrappers. Statement prepared on behalf of the executive committee of the atomic scientists of Chicago, comprising most ofthe scientists attached to the Metallurgical Laboratory of the University of Chicago eblle the Manhattan Project. Present at the Creation.

Episode 2646

S3 Supervised by Richard C. Jahrbuch der Radioaktivitaet und Elektronik 4, No.

A plea for international control, by the noted activist A. Physiologische und therapeutische Wirkungen des Radiums und Thoriums. Folio, loose in original cloth portfolio and slipcase. Illustrated, including a large bellle map of Oak Ridge inside special pocket. The Army Weekly, Vol. Die Struktur der Atomkerne.