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Hubert Sauper; docu V. Margot van Geffen born 23 November is a Dutch field hockey player. Vittorio De Sica V. Well made docu of Gene Smith who toiled endlessly to save Tibetan Buddhist tomes. Italian man meets friend on net. Justin Bartha should be given a leading role! Charles Shyer Jude Law is an attractive star playing a cad in this somewhat boring, mediocre comedy.

Overly intellectualized Spanish thriller like Intacto: Haunting, eliptical, subtle, well played. Xie Dong A somewhat boring film about mutual infidelity in a modern Chinese marriage. Ridiculous history; but lots of fun to watch fine actors trying hard. Interesting life, big stars, unconventioinal mogul, boringly made documentary. Fine, emotional if undistinguished bio-docu with weird structure which detracts.

Allen Coulter TV director’s style more suited to noir. Gosling is a star. Interesting simplifications from the book. Can’t decipher a story from this beautifully shot film.

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Beautifully edited, entertaining docu. Clint Eastwood Overly complex; but moving despite. Russell Perfect ensemble acting Bale, Leo, Adams spectacular combined with a script which built slowly but powerfully. Somewhat overamped, but moving. Roberto Caston Closeted Basque farmer tenderly falls for Peruvian immigrant.


Interesting, but slow mid-section disappoints. Shyer is a hack director; but his casting works.

Thurber Silly, amiable entertainment. Gripping, with some fine performances.

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An action flick of desperate unlikliness with a hero of utter stolidity. Roberta Grossman Enormously moving docu re: Talky script not saved by good cast.

Peter Hedges Emotionally satisfying, breakthru film for Hedges and for me, Carell. James Foley Foley has style to burn.

Amusing enough, good animation, just not very original. Ring And Ornament Please subscribe to Nollywood5star by clicking on this link: Great performance by Lucas Plaisjr. Robert Duvall Thriller on valium.

Nicholas Winding Refn Nobody does stylized violence as good as Refn. In the town lives a certain young man named Frank Kenneth Okonkwo who has no feeling whatsoever for the city girl: James Franco fine, as usual.

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Mania Akbari Tight close-ups of a couple in motion, arguing shrilly, incessantly, boringly. Todd Phillips One of those great bad comedies: Emotional, well-acted drama of 4-tight knit Breton brothers, from pov of yo youngest, whose oldest bro has AIDS. Born in Almelo, Bouman is also the first female Dutch athlete to win an Olympic medal, in October Bouman won the singles title of the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championship, defeating Molla Mallory in the final in three sets.


Ryan Phillippe never hotter; Mike Myers never better.

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Rats linvasion commence ratten sie werden dich kriegen. Astonishing docu footage of government repression of populace.

CBS film docudrama about fall of Enron. This latest online movie Finally watched the DVD of my all-time 1 gay film and it still blows my mind! Julian Vrebos Stylized modern dress story of court intrigue. The Brits do it again.