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Nice to see you again! Throughout the rest of the movie, Neural: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I myself deny it. This will only be available on receivers that support speaker setups greater than 5. It also does a better job of portraying the size of the sound stage, a large room with lots of reverb sounds huge, whereas Neural X tends to ignore this. The Music mode on Circle Surround is flat out amazing.

X will perform with regular 5. As you can see, the surround sound formats and listening modes that AV receivers have can seem quite complex. He’s dead on about the effectiveness of certain DSP modes. However, the average home user will probably not notice the difference. Why were the rears chosen instead of surrounds? If you had asked via PM I could’ve edited the original post to address your concern. Nice to see you again!

I had the good fortune of comparing all of them and I still use CSII and I still believe it is the pl of the crop based on performance.

Understanding stereo amplifiers and receivers. This is all sort of hair-splitting, but just saying it is not safe to assume everyone’s Brand X decoder is exactly the same.

I am giving my personal opinion now. The first demo was done using a Top Middle Configuration.

Dolby PLII vs. DTS Neo:6 – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Why on earth not? I have no idea, but I suspect DTS has their reasoning because it seems to work much better subjectively speaking with 7.


Jul pl, Messages: X vs Dolby Surround, Subjective Comparisons. For me, I have yet to hear any DSP that improves music cnema I have not listened to any such modes on proper equipment. With wind and rain, this offers an exceptionally three dimensional sound field, with single origin sounds, such as the falling rocks, it makes it harder to pinpoint as coming from above.

Some folks might not like this, but I personally feel like this is more natural. Dieser Modus erweitert jede 5.

The movi weird thing I have found with NEO6, is that it seems to adjust the volume of the mix itself and sometimes the sound get noticeably quieter. Nobber22Jan 3, It worked, as you see people took the bait and called me a shill for you.

DTS:X vs Dolby Atmos Part II: Dolby Surround vs DTS Neural:X

The idea of Dolby Pro Logic IIz is to add two speakers above the usual front left and right speakers to create an even more realistic feel to certain sound effects – especially things like wind and rain. Email required Address never made public.

Do you already have an account? Back in the early days of surround sound, before discrete digital surround sound, Dolby came up with Dolby Surround the original version, confused yet?

This will only be available on receivers that support speaker setups greater than 5. The separation between the front left, top left, and surround left was nearly non existent, almost as if I were using an old Dolby Prologic decoder with extra speakers attached. Not so in DSU.


Dolby Prologic II vs DTS NEO 6

Privacy Policy Disclaimer Advertising Disclosure. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. All-in-one HTiB surround sound systems explained. Configured as heights, it sounds like an aggressive version ppl2 Dolby Surround.

The centre speaker gets a mono downmix. You don’t need to add extra hight speakers as with Dolby Atmos.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This format takes a stereo sound source and creates virtual surround sound – either 5.

I’ve been a Dolby Surround Pro-logic listener for 10 years.

Also, depending on the model of receiver that you have, you may find that Dolby Surround is limited to certain types of soundtrack. The channel separation was so good it might as well have been a discrete mix. They are different algorithms, try each and see what you prefer.