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For instance, on 11 November , about homosexuals and transvestites gathered for an evening of artistic performances. Robison has argued that the evolution of capitalism and the emergence of middle-classes in New Order post-colonial Indonesia are different from that of nineteenth century Europe because so much of Indonesian development in the New Order was dependent upon the state Robison Inul as she is popularly known was born on 21 January as Ainur Rokhimah, the first of the six children of Abdullah Aman and Rufia, in the small town of Gempol, East Java. To cover the shame, Trima resigns from work and returns to her village with a false story about a thief having raped her. Lady Gaga sagte daraufhin ihr Konzert ab. Indonesia has already begun cooperating with Burma in the cement and tobacco industries and trading. However, before long, these politicized Islam groups were themselves suppressed by the new militarist government that they had helped to seize state power.

But Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? As we have seen, militarism, Javan- ism, paternalism, nativism, and secularism enjoyed high status in the making of the official national identity for more than 30 years under the tight grip of the New Order government. The film tells a love story involving Suryono, a male Javanese artist from a priyayi middle-ranking aristocratic family, and two women. Let me say a little bit more about each of these. Defending the Majesty of Islam. For instance, at one point in the film, set in Jakarta, we see that it is forbidden to throw rubbish in the street, jay-walk or even step on grass.

For a different take on the matter, but to which my analysis here is partly indebted, see Cribb Ahok gab am 7. The others also struggle with inner turmoil, straining between the need to make a decent living, the need to live up to childhood loyalties, and the need to face the demands of their new family situations. The gender battle appeared to outlast the Inul controversy. Through- out, it shows how the multilayered and contradictory processes of identity formation in Indonesia are inextricably linked to popular culture.

Nonetheless, her performances were received differ- ently, rapidly provoking a series of comments and counter-comments with strong political overtones, first at the local level but increasingly moving to the centre of national politics.

Nonetheless, although their legacies persist, these elements are no longer as unified vilm dominant as they once were, while new and renewed forces have come into play, making the whole political constellation a new and contested field and with no centre of power to consolidate domination as yet.


Other rumours emerged that the media furore was little more than a publicity stunt, aimed at generating interest in the film Yordenaya Moreover, for much ofthe Indonesian parliament, attempting to appease both mainstream and hard-line Islamic groups, seemed set to introduce a sweeping anti-pornography law.

These statements were often made in public with reference to, or in support of, earlier statements from regional Councils of Ulamas.

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There were unsubstantiated rumours suggesting that the film would be banned as a result of both issues, claims the Lembaga Sensor Film strenuously denied Kompas Her audience came to the open-air space on foot from their villages kilometres away to watch, dance, and cheer the much-adored performer. Indeed, they have largely escaped the attention of middle-class scholars and other cultural analysts alike.

His publications include Film in South East Asia: Islamic Militancy and Resentment against Hadhramis. The rapid style of editing used in the film, and the discreet though frequent dressing and undressing, ensures constant narcissistic recourse to desirable bodies, consumer objects, and lifestyle tokens. In the same year, he decided to make the pilgrimage to Mecca for the first time, becoming a hajj in his political twilight.

Obviously she would not expect her son to have any serious relationships with Trima, the servant. Yet the masculine relationships in this film are inscribed in the same way as the shirtless Baadilla poster: Most of the contributors to this book are emerging scholars from Indonesia and Australia who aspire to engage with fresh perspectives in the newly developing area of pop culture within the scholarly communities of Indo- nesian and Asian studies.

As long as it’s halal’: Ultimately, Boellstorff shies away from providing us with a convincing justi- fication for why he has used non-English words as an analytical tool.

Ironically, this repressive measure galvanized fiom discontent in the build-up of a new wave of democratization that ushered in the fall of the New Order in Materials for their analyses are taken from various sources and cover a range of media tech- pfncekalan, including film Chapters 2, 3, and 4 ; television programs Chap- ters 5, 6, 7, and 8and urban staged concerts Chapter 9.

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Her challenge to the status quo was not, or was not only, to do with issues of moral decency and sexuality. It is only in the conclusion of the film, at Jakarta International Airport, that they accept their need for each other, as Rangga at this point is about to depart for the USA for family reasons.


Why have these scenes been left uncut by the censor? The first category for the people refers to mass-produced commodified messages including music, films, and television and related signifying practices.

Despite the geographical, linguistic, religious and cultural similarities between the two neighbouring iflm, it is puzzling to see how few public and scholarly discussions there have been on and by people of the two countries Alatas The film is sympathetic to the idea that the headiness of adolescence is related to physical changes that can produce hyperactivity. We listen to sage words of wisdom that are so sentimental and mushy that nobody would believe a year-old youth would say such things.

He moved further and boldly went to Burma in a landmark visit last week. Satrio Arismunandar, wartawan Kompas yang kehilangan pekerjaannya karena mendirikan organisasi wartawan alternatif ini.

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Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, For the purpose of our analysis, it is useful to identify several distinct phases of the controversy. The worry with this is that it suggests that masculine violence — be it domestic, political, or religious, personalized or nationalized — will continue unchecked, in a country that is already racked by violence, on-screen and off-screen.

One argument that will be developed in this chapter refers to the important political shifts in the pro- duction and consumption of pop cultures since the ideological crisis of the New Order, which preceded by several years its formal demise in In Heydar Shadi Hrsg. Major bookshops began to create special spaces for Islamic books. Indonesia names Islamist leader a suspect for insulting state ideology.

As a secondary-school student in the s she was paid Rp. Pop culture and competing identities 35 Acknowledgements The author is grateful to Joel Kahn, Miriam Lang, and Max Richter for their useful comments on earlier versions of this chapter. FPI spokesman questioned as suspect. Their absence in these media is odd, given both the attention paid to them in other genres of public discourse and the large share of Chinese Indonesians in the production of Indonesian litera- ture and films.