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Meanwhile, Ken is taken to the harbor to be executed for disobeying the order to kill Genji. Later, Fujiwara and Ryohei return to the Nakata shop to shut it down once and for all, setting fire to the building. Rindaman expresses his belief that Suzuran can never be truly conquered, and that there will always be someone left to fight. Crows Zero 2 also directed by Miike in and Crows Explode in Ryohei and his gang begin relentless assaults at Suzuran, resulting in Kenichi being hospitalized. Retrieved 15 May Studio Tristone Entertainment Inc.

And I didn’t care much for II at all. First few pages in Japanese alphabetical order. A fight ensues, but Genji soon realizes that the men they are fighting are missing their trademark skull patches. The third effort in the Crows series and the first one where Miike isn’t directing. Views Read Edit View history. Anticipating the brewing conflict, Serizawa also begins recruiting factions for his own cause. The first trailer was released online by World Cinema News on April 17,

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Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi. Kazeo leads his gang, joined by Goura, to confront Ryohei and Fujiwara. He then goes to see his father, yakuza boss Takiya Hideo Goro Kishitanito whom he proclaims his ambition to conquer Suzuran, a psmeran which Hideo himself had attempted in his youth, but failed.

Back at the Nakata dealership, Ken is adjusting well to his new life as a salesman, and has become smitten with the owner, Aya. Makise instead ropes Ken into coming to work with him at a local auto dealer.

Eyecatch Junction Lady Hunter: Kazeo finally clashes with Ryohei, and after an intense and lengthy battle, he emerges victorious. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 27 Augustat It has spawned two sequels, Crows Zero 2 and Crows Explodeas well as a manga adaptation released November 13, Crows Zero 2 also directed by Miike in and Crows Explode in During the freshman orientation assembly, yakuza arrive at the school seeking vengeance on third-year Serizawa Tamao Takayuki Yamada for assaulting some members of their gang.


Retrieved 9 November It was also adapted into a manga entitled Crows Zero II: I wasn’t a fan of some of the casting and it felt a little unfocused due to trying to squeeze in too many characters and subplots.

His situation escalates when he unwittingly breaks a non-aggression pact between Suzuran and a rival school, Housen Academy, by coming to the aid of Kawanishi Noboru Shinnosuke Abe during a heated confrontation.

Eyecatch Junction Lady Hunter: The third effort in the Crows series and the first one where Miike isn’t directing. He encounters Makise Takashi, whom he implores to forget they saw each other. As Fujiwara prepares to finish Goura, Shibata arrives.

Yazaki gives Ken his coat as a parting gift before shooting him in the back. Kazeo, having become the number one fighter and united the school, faces down the final obstacle on his path to completely conquering Suzuran – the indomitable Rindaman.

As Tokio runs interference between the opposing leaders, he suffers a seizure and is rushed to a hospital, where he learns that he has a cerebral aneurysm which requires surgery.

Several days later, Genji again challenges Rindaman, the final obstacle on his path to ruling Suzuran. The provocations cause tensions between the two armies to rise drastically, but Genji is prevented from acting by Makise.

Suzuran had subsequently sworn not to interfere with Housen’s retribution upon Noboru’s release from prison. Retrieved June 23, The film ends as the skirmish between Genji and Rindaman begins. Najib Zulfikar of Total Film gave the film 3 out of 5 stars, stating, “Miike amps it all up to 11 in his inimitable style, as impossibly coiffured pretty boys duke it out and the Yakuza take an interest in the outcome.

Kazeo rejects the idea, asserting that he has no interest in conquering Suzuran. Following a decisive defeat at the hands of the legendary Rindaman, and on the verge of graduating without fulfilling his goal, Genji grows zerro desperate.

After locating Tokaji and saving Ruka, Genji decides it’s finally time for war against Serizawa.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The next day, Genji challenges Serizawa to a fight, but is ctows by Tokio. Looking more like a bombed out squat than anything resembling an actual school, we never see any teachers, anyone in charge, or indeed, the students ever actually studying at Suzuran. Recognizing his vehicle as the town car from earlier, Kazeo confronts Ryohei, who ignores him and walks away. To protect Aya and the business, Ken goes to see the mob boss, Mr.


Newly transferred high school senior Genji Takiya Shun Oguri arrives at Suzuran All-Boys High School, an institution infamous for its flim of violent delinquents. Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi.

Genji makes Hideo promise to acknowledge him as his successor should he succeed. Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Meanwhile, Ken is taken to the harbor to be executed for disobeying the order to kill Genji. Meanwhile, Ryohei begins taking on challengers, and proves to be a ppemeran fighter himself.

Genji and his allies go on the defensive, engaging in several violent conflicts with Housen’s “Army of Killers”. Humbled, Ken goes with Genji to the club where they discuss the latter’s plans for Suzuran.

It just felt so rote, introducing a rival school but basically making the first movie over. He goes on to suggest that Kazeo might be a contender to take on Goura for the top spot, and that they should join forces.

Back at Suzuran, Kazeo is approached by Ogisu Kenichi, who explains that since beating Wajima at the opening ceremony, Kazeo has been ranked as the school’s number five fighter. The next day, Ken comes to Suzuran to find Ryohei but runs into Kazeo, with whom he shares stories of his youth at the school.

Death of a Samurai Ninja Kids!!! Serizawa is alarmed by Genji’s rapid rise to power, but chooses not to take action. Retrieved 12 October