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Oshin is overjoyed to finally receive a letter from Ryuzo. Oshin swears that from that day on, she will regard Nozomi as her own son. When mealtime came, she just get leftover rice that is still stick in crock. With only shattered dreams and debts, Ryuzo decides that they have no choice but to return to his family in Saga. However, she accepts Oshin into the family when Oshin saves Kayo from a falling electricity pole. In , the earlier episodes of the drama focused on young Oshin were made into an animated movie by Sanrio.

He drifted in Tokyo for several months and returned home. As they begin to destroy the shop, Kayo is terrified and tells the yakuza they will comply, but Oshin is utterly adamant that she will not give in to them. She takes him to visit his parents’ grave. Oshin goes into labour at the same time, but the malnutrition and forced labour have taken their toll – Oshin’s baby is too weak to survive. She believes in marrying the man she loves. Through Kayo, Oshin meets Ryuzo Tanokura, a seemingly rich textile trader who frequents the Ginza coffee house. In this scene i appear as a bussinesman at the dinner table discussing business with the main actors.

To fulfil her mother’s last wish, Oshin brings her home to Yamagata, carrying her on her back as Oshin’s mother is too weak by now to walk.

Yashiro sees the potential in Oshin and personally trains her in reading, writing and arithmetic using the abacus. While Oshin is looking for Kayo, who was at the beach, Kota uses Oshin as a foil, as his girlfriend, to elude the police. Oshin refuses to believe until she has seen his body, and been informed by his best friend, who confessed Yu had malaria.

While the series was aired in Iran, it was the harsh time of Iran—Iraq Warand everything had to be according to the fundamentalist ideology of the ruling clergy of Islamic Republic of Iran.


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Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. He pe,ain tells Yuri that one day, he and Yuri will get married.

For fans of heartbreaking movie, could choose this movie as an alternative, because some of scene and dialogue are very touching. When he is unable to persuade her to stay, he struggles with her to take their son osjin her.

When the blizzard subsides, they are found by an army unit, and Shunsaku is shot dead. He drifted in Tokyo for several months and returned home.


She learn and work as a babysitter. Oshin decides to write to Ryuzo one last time. OSHIN forced to go home. She decides that it would be better for Ryuzo if she were to leave him. Oshin finds her in the brothel, asks Ken to drag her out, and slaps her. Although Oshin wants to stay on in Tokyo with Yu, her mother whom the Kagayas have sent to Tokyo to find Oshin persuades her to stay together with Ryuzo for the sake of their son. Oshin gives birth to a healthy girl whom they name Tei “happiness”.

When she catches up to him, he reveals that he is on his way to Manchuriawhere he has friends, to start again.

Oshin’s eatery is now doing well enough to support Ryuzo, Oshin and Yu. Ryuzo’s business begins to go downhill due to the post-war depression and his lack of business acumen.

Inadvertently, they met a group of policemen. Oshin’s mother is worried about being a burden as she is no longer strong enough to work. When Kayo learns of Oshin’s situation, she persuades Oshin to stay in Sakata and open a shop.

As Kiyo refuses to hand over Yu, Oshin has no choice but to trust her sister-in-law.


Kayo, who has grown up to be passionate about painting and literaturehas no interest to take over Kaga-ya, nor in the feminine arts to improve her marriage prospects.

As arrives, food rationing is on the rise to support the war fil. She attempts to gilm Oshin up with the second son of a wealthy Sakata family. On the day that she is due to catch a train to Tokyo, Ryuzo finds out and intercepts her.

However, when she is unjustly accused by the family of stealing money, she runs away, and for days suffers through blizzards as she walks back home to be with her mother, nearly freezing to death. She furthers her reading and writing skills under Shunsaku. But Ryuzo’s and Oshin’s heartfelt entreaties convince her to stay, at least until Oshin delivers the baby. Later Yuri learned pemaon it and run away from home.

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Aware that she is a burden to the family, Oshin cannot bring herself to tell anyone that she pemakn pregnant. Oshin is then escorted by the soldiers to a hut and interrogated about Shunsaku.

Oshin falls and hits her head, paralysing her right side. She believes in marrying the man she loves. She stays with him during the long winter until the snow melts. However, the themes were so harsh and dark that the show was rejected by every [Japanese] television network. But all too soon, the government cracks down on the labour movement, making it once again difficult for Kota to have a family.