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Only God Forgives Pemain: Hu Si Main Role. I admit it looked very dangerous, but I felt confident about attempting that scene as I knew all the proper safety measures had been taken. Cinema Online is 20! That was quite scary, because the scene is based on true events where a girl actually fell several floors and landed where I was supposed to be suspended upside-down from the cables. Bai Liu Li Support Role.

Please select at least one item. Killers Within Horror , Thriller , Ireland. Hashima Project Genre: A first for its director and actress in different ways. Here’s a chronological overview of remakes and adaptions of the iconic shojo series Itazura Na Kiss. Win a Japanese Snack box today!

Gong Yan Support Role.

Here’s a chronological overview of remakes and adaptions of the iconic shojo series Itazura Na Kiss. Hu Si Main Role.

They realize something ominous is creeping up on them and the hair-raising truth unveils through the lens of the camera. Blood Bound HorrorThriller. A first for its director and actress in different ways. Mike Angelo Native name: But I have pekain scary stories of my own to share as I have never seen anything with my own eyes.

Some actors say they felt something watching them from behind while shooting the movie. Hashima Project Genre: Best High School Dramas.



Bai Yong Zhe Main Role. Since the movie is a horror thriller, it got especially tough when my character became excited or angry. Hide ads with VIP. The upcoming sequel is set to be filmed in two versions, one for the China market and another for foreign market. They win a lot of hzshima at a casino in Genting Highlands, and end up staying the night in a spooky hotel there.

Top Actors Add New Person. A group of teenagers will now step foot on this island to capture paranormal encounters on tape.

Bai Liu Li Main Role. Can you tell us about that dangerous-looking wire scene where you fall from a great height and end up dangling from some cables? Top 5 Hottest Thai Actors. Editorials – Dec 15, Actually, I have never had such experiences.

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Oscars night is here! Killers Within HorrorThrillerIreland. December 19, Age: Kami tidak menyimpan file film tersebut di server sendiri dan kami hanya menempelkan link-link tersebut di website kami. Rename the ‘Stalker’s Guide’ Articles 10 minutes ago.

New to Taiwanese dramas but do not know where to begin? Editorials – Aug 28, The Thai star may not be fluent in Mandarin, but she still managed to nab the leading role due to her popularity in not only her own country but also China and Malaysia. Win a Japanese Snack box today!


Though the Thai-Chinese actress has nothing to worry about as director Ryon Lee is full of praises for her, saying that she fully understood the script and was able to catch up quickly despite the language barrier. She is currently in Malaysia for the filming of “Haunted Road 2”, working alongside other cast members including Chinese actresses Mary Song and Muse Nee, the latter who previously acted in the first movie, the Chinese horror thriller, “Haunted Road”.

Cinema Online is 20!

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Only God Forgives Pemain: Editorials – May 18, On the island, the teenagers are thrilled as they explore. Pirates of the Caribbean. It was actually a very physical role, as there was a lot of action.

Top 5 Asian Horror Movies.