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Sejal leaves with her husband, and her mum cries, and everyone come inside the house, calming her. He says calm down, I m coming. Astha and Shlok have panipuri chaat on the road. Ayan too comes in. He comes to her and she ends the call. He is banging his hand to the wall and blood starts coming out.

Like for her very first performance, she was every bit nervous. They talk about business. He says I will talk to her. Asad asks whats the new drama? Purvi tells her, I brought home made food for you. Tanvir has hid a lot from them too.. Purvi goes and sits down beside her. Purvi tells him to keep Pari with him until Archu finds out everything.

Police say, we have appealed in the court and they approved it.

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

The Episode starts with the girls taking Sejal, saying your groom might be waiting for you. But it dun mean he socld her before all … miya biwi fights should be between them! I want to apologize to you. Do you live or relive vicariously through characters you see on Television?

Onir says, I am too busy with work. Badi Bee suspects something is wrong n Ayan is worried! The comedy show is now back with a leap of six years and the makers say they have brought the second season mwy viewers’ request. Producer Sumeet Mittal remained busy in a meeting and said will get back later. But chandbi stops them, and goes herself.


Punar Vivaah – 31st May, [HD]. She says did you forget what happened yesterday.

Zoya is climbing on a ladder to Tanvirs room.! But, the kind of person Neil is, he will not give up and try to persuade her by saying ill things about her husband. Naren says he is worried mah about one think and that is her. Zoya asks Tanvir to show her hand. He leaves from there. He asks 201 no to do any mistake. He then tells her that he hired a detective.

She covers him with a blanket and removes her ornaments while crying. She also takes the mobile and bag from them, saying that they wont be needing them as it is. She then sees Soham and asks him to go to her. Archu says, please let me go and tries to leave, but Manav holds her hand and stops her.

Onir has brought doctor set for their baby. She tries to psvitra them, but no one can see her. Manju says, Punni was playing with her. The driver, with the bonnet of his car up, is asked by chandbi, if he knows what he has been paid for. He says that he knows and that he wont xesitvbox the car till late evening. Archu says, such a sweet name. Shlok comes to Anjali. Astha asks Anjali to answer her, that Niranjan is making her helpless. Therefore, he will try wriitten the empty space in her life.


Whole family, Sritten are surprised. Arjun says, I told Onir if Shalini needs any job, then she can work in my company.

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Can you name one particular judge you and Drashti are really scared of? Arjun says, you can share your problem with me. He says, you should be because I caught you two meeting with each other behind my back. Her mother looks at her shocked. Onir gets mad and says, enough. After they are gone, chandbi thinks that haseena always is upto something, and pavirta her too in it.

Zoya self thot that m sure. Sid waits for Varad in office and messages him. Tell us something about your choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan?