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Anyways, you should thank God that you found out the truth. Archu says to him, after I came out of the coma, I feel a lot of time has passed. Purvi is very surprised that Shalini just left without saying anything to anyone. Archu says, I know he has made many mistakes, but he should get chance to correct those mistakes. Hina Khan showers loads of kisses on beau Rocky Jaiswal, makes him blush. Archana gets worried to hear this and wants to know wh yOvi needed her so much. Archu asks Soham, where are you living right now?

To verify, just follow the link in the message. Last updated Jun 13, Punni is hiding and watching. Right then onir is at the door and says here I am! She finds Imran having come there with haseena. Meena tells that it must be a so so girl baby. Arjun is too excited to eat now.

Arjun asks her if he wants her to drop her to home, but Purvi says, I will go by myself. Ovi looks angry and uncomfortable.

Every time starts fighting. Archu sends Arjun out. Purvi says, I know. Arjun also comes in. I only have one complain that you left me too early. Pari is with you. But why are you asking me wriften

As the child is about to run away, and mamujaan is about to hit him, his hand is stopped by zoya, whose face is veiled with the dupatta. Arjun and Purvi are deeitvbox somewhere in car and they both are very happy.


Manav tells Archana that he is going to phone at home that he is bringing Archana ome from the hospital. Savita tells Purvi to go and change now.

Pavitra Rishta 27th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Auto man tells her to take another auto from other side. Day when I found out that I am pregnant, I left you all and went to Kolkata. She plans that she will buy a episodde for Archana. Gauri is relived and takes calendar off from the wall. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Onir Dutt is my husband.

Then Archu says whatever happens, happens for the best. Archu says, now I am fine. She says that what rixhta to Ovi is wrong but Ovi is herself to be blamed for this.

Last updated Jun 13, Shalini goes outside and listens their conversation. Archu is playing with Pari.

Ayesha June 26, Dk is worried for Arjun and he calls him. Both try to calm her down and their hands touch each other. Archu is in disbelief.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Updates

No matter whether it is a baby girl or boy. Please think one more time. Arjun says, Tishta had doubt on him from before. And after that, Manav cleans her face. She gives him her phone.

Sulo tells Varsha and Soham that Archu wants to meet them today. And so Punni came here for this. Your daughter is so small and you left her alone.


Arjun pushes her out and then car has an accident. Sign in Recover your password. Archu asks her why did you give your daughter to Episoode Purvi says, I will tell you everything later.

Pavitra Rishtha 11th June Written Episode – TV Serials

She tells him not to blame Purvi for what happened but blame her because she failed to give good values and good sanskaars to her daughter. The assistant tautns meena for lying but meena tells that she got a boy baby instead of a girl baby that too at a low cost.

She threatens Punni not to dare wwritten to do anything. They come home and no one seems to be happy seeing Arjun there. Montu apologises to Gogi and Tapu sena for his misdeeds In the latest episode of Taarak Rihsta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Gogi apologises to his parents for his misdeed and lying to them. Purvi says, I would take you with me, but right now baba is at home as well.

I am a human in the end. Soham says, What do you mean? Savita says her and Manav took care of everything in her absence.