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It looked like a single light through a 20 power spotting scope. The bright light people see are the headlights, and the red light is the tail lights as the cars turn the curve. They are a must see! Upon glaring at the light through a large telescope, the students were able to see car headlights shining down the US Please don’t take me wrong, we want the tourists, but come up and see all the other things that makes Ontonagon County so very beautiful! She said that she had seen the lights during the time that we were there when we and everyone else didn’t. I’m inclined to think not, given the remarkable intensity of the white and the unexplainable movement of the red.

Listen to Y or UP All of which are advertised and target the tourists. I too just recently went to this “light” my parent purchased a cottage 20miles from this light and the owner left articles from a local newspaper so we decided to go see it ourselves! Retrieved November 20, Some tales say that the worker was crushed between two train cars, while others believe he was murdered. There is a story of a headless trainconductor carring the lantern down the old tracks.

The lady said she took the Picture to the University of Minnesota Duluth and had the picture examined for possible lens problem or just to see if the picture was real and they said it was not smoke because it didn’t’ have characteristics of smoke.

After the light finally came that night we stayed for around and hour and a half. Duginski and Mysterries Team B went to the observation point. We did see the car lights in the distance which were obviously not the light becasue it was very apparent that it was traffic on hwy If you want to contact me, you can email me at sschulz up.

That will be alot of FUN!

Michigan’s Paulding light

The same thing can be said of the ore theory. They replied no they had not seen anything like that. I just recently took a group to see it, and it moved back and forth and half way from the top of the hill to the washout. I started talking to her and she said “That she was from 2 groups that were trying to figure out what this could be.


The most popular viewing area is along myseries guardrail that has been put in place, barricading Robbins Pond Road to through traffic. I jumped on the band wagon and we made the two hour trek from Marquette to Paulding. I’ll have to wait until I get the stamina to put in a 6 hour evening starting around 9 p.

It became very bright and looked like it was moving back and forth and up and down.

Paulding Light

Unless there is a kind of wierd diffraction that bends the light it doesn’t really make sense for it to be car headlights. Thanks and well wishes for a good summer at the Light. Then you will need to turn to the West on that road. The agency is always accused of cutting a live video feed when an unidentified space object flies into public view. The lighg is said to be the lantern that he was holding. Inscribed in the ground were the letters BOB. Retrieved November 23, — via State of Wisconsin Collection.

I seen the light change intensities, colors and even appear as two or more distinct points of light. A good view was from a dirt road off of rt. See this site for pictures similar to what I saw. Advertisement article continues below. They say that its brightness and movement doesn’t fit that of a car.

The bright light people see are the headlights, and the red light is the tail lights as the cars turn the curve. Reports claim that the show is to give way to “One Punch Man” and “My Hero Acdemia” but new rumors say that it’s lack of materials and storyline as well as its live-action movie are causing the delay.

He saw the Grim Reaper, sickel and all. The lights itself are totally awesome, but the strange part about it was that we took photos and when we got them developed, there were no indications of any photos being taken, and NO, we are not stupid.

InSyfy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Sometimes when there are a few people at the site the light will move closer to the barricade that block cars from traveling down the hill towards a little creek. Please let me know. I can’t deny the spookyness of the silences, and I’ll definately go back out there when I get the chance.


I recomend everyone to see it. Our area is unique to the fact that we have the best snow in the midwest for snowmobiling, the best fishing with Lake Superior, Thousands and thousands of acres of Public Hunting Land, some of the best ski hills in the midwest, and the Copper Mining National Historic Park. I have to write a paper about something that I can observe for an English class for college.

That’s just one theory that has been developed.

Ironically, it was probably people coming to see the light. If I have the time, I am more then happy to take people to see it.

Is it just a camera glitch or a strong proof of alien existence? We continued to curse and make other vulgar comments about the legend when the light suddenly became red and intensified with our vulgarity. You can join Unsolved Mysteries and post your own mysteries or interesting stories for the world to read and respond to Click here Scroll all the way down to read mmysteries.

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mysteriss At one point, we stopped and just listened, and this was the spooky part of the unsopved back, because ALL we could hear was the wind in the trees. I personally would like to go back someday and recommend a definite must to anyone who is considering going. Upon taking the access road, we found that it did indeed lead to Robbins Pond, and that Robbins Pond is drivable from the intersection of the access road all the way to an outlet onto Highway 45 at Running Bear Resort.

As we were travelling, it seemed a lot quieter, and occasionally heard what I’m going to claim were frogs.

It slowly flickers on like a candle, burning brighter and hovering like a fire ball among the stars for several seconds.